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It’s been way too long since we just sat back and focused on actual tips and advice for wedding planning. As you know, here on KV we are as crazy about gorgeous wedding photos as well as the truths behind how the actual wedding comes to life. That’s why we always ask our brides to fill out the questionnaire about their own wedding planning experiences and advice. It’s always somewhat refreshing to know the work, tricks and tips that go into fixing up the beautiful end products and especially when they come from real brides who have literally “been there”.

Today we are recapping our latest brides and their own real advice; what worked and what did not work. We always love to put these out there to help future brides but also to show the fact how different people are in the sense that what works for Bride A, may not work for Bride B.

Hope you enjoy our latest edition of Brides Know Best – hahah, I think I just coined this title and I’m loving it!

Be A Team (1)

Christin – Rustic Chic Summer Wedding by Dawn Joseph Photography

Enjoy the day (2)

Jamie – Rustic Summer Wedding by Wren Photography

Vendor trust

Amanda – Calgary Military Wedding by Photographik Wedding Photographers

Handling Your Groom

Jeanna – “God Gave Me You” Rustic Wedding by Darin Crofton Photography

Day-after wedding photos (1)

Emilie – Navy Blue and Pink Wedding Portraits by Oana Foto

Be You-nique3

Tatyana – Stylish Modern Country Club Wedding by Boris Zaretsky Photography

Be You-nique (1)

Emily – Intimate Park Wedding by Corner House Photography

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