Bride to Bride: Advice from Real Brides

I asked real brides from my lovely WW community to share something with you, yes you; the Bride reading this right now 🙂 While a wedding planner or expert can say a few helpful things I place highly words from real brides, you know, the ones currently in the Wedding Planning Process. I feel they seem to really “know” what they are talking about. So enjoy what my ladies have shared, hope they are helpful to you.

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  1. Elizabeth Davis

    Remember that YOU are the only one as obsessed with your wedding as you are!! Your bridesmaids and even your mother have a life of their own even though they agreed to stand up with you on your special day …Resist the urge to panic or be angry when they don’t answer your “urgent” answers right away or if they don’t understand why things like getting their dresses ordered 6 months in advance is so important. This is especially true for any single maids you have… Cut them some slack, breathe, and prioritize. Remember that they aren’t trying to ruin your day. You will save yourself and your relationships a lot of stress!! IT WILL ALL WORK OUT! haha


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