Bride-to-be Caroline sharing her DIY Would you be My Bridesmaid

Isn’t it amazing how the tiniest things and details leave such big rooms for creativity and personalization? Bride-to-be Caroline all the way from New Zealand is sharing how she asked her wedding Party to be a part of her wedding. Clearly she is not as boring as me and I hope you are not either ­čÖé

Caroline presented the flowers and notes were to the girls, and the boxes to the boys.

Caroline explained;

“We have a running tradition of Taco Tuesdays at our┬áfavorite┬áMexican┬árestaurant. We invited the bridal party, who we’d already asked rather informally. They just thought it was a chance to all hang out and get to know each other better.

After a┬ácelebratory┬ádrink, I said, “Well, onto the reason we’re here today” and I hear “yeah, TACOS!”.
My Fiance and I then pulled out our homemade presents, and they were floored! It was so exciting to see them get so excited. It really made the wedding feel very real.”

*sigh* I love hearing such stories from ladies planning their weddings. It might not seem like a big deal but trust me every little detail that goes into planning most times is a HUGE deal especially for the fact that they just make the idea of you in your wedding, feel so real.

Caroline is a style Blogger and currently a Bride-to-be. (Congrats Caroline!)
Visit her Blog and where she keeps us updated with her wedding planning process.

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