MidSummer Night Bridal Styled Shoot by La Candella Weddings

Happy #WeddingWednesday Knotsvilla readers! Today I have a warm midsummer night bridal styled shoot by La Candella Weddings featuring fashion pieces perfect to make you feel bridey! This very fashionable shoot show cases bridal accessories by Kata Banko Couture, which have been rightly modeled by  Sarah Jay.

Angie of La Candella Weddings does both fashion and wedding photography, and leans towards fairytale-like photography for her fashion work. So this midsummer night’s themed shoot was Angie translating it all that to bridal. Sarah’s hair and makeup complemented the other details and thanks to Aly Hutzel, Hillery Chadderton for that!

Bridal-Styled Shoot-model-flowers Bridal-Styled Shoot-Pink-Flower Bridal-Styled Shoot-Blush-Pink-Wedding-ShoeMidsummer-night-Bridal-Styled ShootBridal-Styled-Blush-Pink-Wedding-ShoesMidsummer-night-Bridal-Styled Shoot-Wedding-ring-box Midsummer-night-Bridal-Styled-Shoot-ringBridal-Styled Shoot-lace-headpieceBridal-Styled Shoot-brideBridal-Styled Shoot-vintage-ring-boxBridal-Styled Shoot-midsummer-nightBridal-Styled Shoot-Blush-Pink-Wedding-ShoesBridal-Styled Shoot-midsummer-detailsBridal-Styled Shoot-la-candella-weddings

Many bits and pieces to love right? From shoes to that bridal headpiece and let’s not even forget that perfect ring box! Hope you enjoyed this for an inspiring Wednesday.

Photographer:  La Candella Weddings //Fashion Designer: Kata Banko Couture // Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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