Bridal Jewelry Collection by Sarina Suriano

Hey, we are having a totally gorgeous and shiny #FashionFriday today! All the way from Australia comes this beautiful bridal jewelry Collection by Sarina Suriano “White 2014” to make you feel as bridey as possible.

A luxurious bridal collection that is modern, yet takes you back into a world filled with nostalgic memories, old world romance and ethereal beauty. The world of fashion and jewelry are infused, femininity is embraced, details are beautifully handcrafted, and each piece whispers of times gone by.


Following a decade of providing beautiful jewelry to brides and her bridal party, Sarina Suriano ‘WHITE’ is inspired by women seeking something gorgeous, unique and timeless – pieces they can wear again and again.


Drawing inspiration from vintage garments, accessories and historical architecture, shadows of soft clear crystals dance on the skin- all designed for the modern bride who flaunts style, romance and timeless taste.


Happy Friday and have a fab and crystal weekend!

Website:, Online store:, Contact: [email protected]

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