Bridal Hair Accessories from BHLDN

Yay it’s Friday, the weekend is pretty much here and that really calls for some relaxation on my end. Let’s wrap up this week with some hair inspiration, these 5 fab Bridal Hair Accessories! Because it’s been a while we fell in love over again with gorgeous hair inspiration, I figured turning the spot light on one of the ways to get your hair wedding ready – hair accessories – would be a right way to bring the week to an end.

Note: This post has affiliate links, should any purchase be made, KV gets compensated.

Below are easily my top 5 Bridal Hair Accessories currently on BHLDN, they range from the simple ones to quite the dramatic statement looking ones, all keeping it classy, vintage and timeless!

1. Lou Clip – Deepa Gurnani

Bhldn Hair3

2. Pansy Combs – Paris by Moreland

Bhldn Hair

3. Evening Primrose Ornament – Twigs & Honey

Bhldn Hair4

4. As You Wish Headpiece – Paris by Debra Moreland

Bhldn Hair 1

5. Gallica Ornament – Paris by Debra Moreland

Bhldn Hair2

Are you in the market for the perfect hair accessories to make your wedding look pop? Well I can’t tell you enough how much I’m a sucker for BHLDN products (I just wish I could actually afford some, lol!), so here you go, take 5!

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