Breaking Bad Engagement Session by Macpherson Photography

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What a beautiful day here in LA and away from the Chicago cold! This weather helps with the joy I have as I share today’s first engagement session here on KnotsVilla! I hope you all are adjusting to the new brand, look and the other obvious changes.

I remember receiving this submission and itching to share so badly but I had to exercise some discipline and wait to share it here on the new site. Finally the wait is over and I hope you all can enjoy Vanessa and Brian’s engagement session by Macpherson Photography.

Thinking of a themed engagement session? I love what Vanessa and Brian did here; had both a themed one and a non themed one. Having this mix is always a great idea because a themed one may not be your fave come 20 years from now, but the non themed one would always be a classic – keep that in mind.

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KV: Why did you choose the Breaking Bad theme?

The Bride to be: We have nothing in common. Like really—almost nothing. We don’ have the same tastes in music, movies, books, clothing, food—you name it. When Brian buys me gifts…or snacks… he always goes “You know how I know you’ll like it? It’s the one I hated the most!”

One of the few things we have in common is our shared enjoyment of a select few TV series’, and Breaking Bad is one of them. WE LOVE IT. It’s one of the best shows I’I’ve ever watched. Aside from that, we’re not really that couple who holds hands all day in public and has to sit next to each other at group dinners, etc. We’re definitely not a “pose-like-you-love-each-other” kind of couple. Trust me—or don’t—ask Andy and Connie how awkward all of our “cutesy” shots from that day were. We did a few in plain clothes that were more Pinterest-typical poses and we look constipated and uncomfortable in 95% of them. We were able to be silly and have fun with this shoot, and were also able to use awesome props and costumes; we drank beer during our photo shoot—what’s better than that?!

KV: Tell us your experience working with your photographers.

The Bride to Be: Andy and Connie were great to work with. Although I had some ideas of what I wanted the shoot to be like, I didn’t know any good locations. I travel pretty far every day for work, and pass this house that’s on a big field with a broken down camper (circa 1980’s) in it. I actually wrote them a letter and put it in a card in their mail box asking if they would allow us to shoot on their property. Never heard back from them. Instead, Andy found a cool nature preserve in Egg Harbor Township, NJ that ended up being a pretty perfect place to take our pictures. Our shoot took place on November 17th, 2013—weather was getting cold, but the trees still had nice fall coloring. It was a good day.

Because Vanessa was such a good sport to work with, I’d be sharing more about the couple soon; their love and proposal story!

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