Bohemian Romance Meets Rainforest

I’m here for adventure and creativity and today’s shoot shows exactly that. This Bohemian Romance Meets Rainforest shoot is yet another lovely one which was planned by 2 awesome photographers who knew they wanted something lush and green and dreamy!

About the Bohemian Romance Meets Rainforest Shoot

Jennifer of Jennifer Lourie Photography and Janet of Elska Productions met up from two completely different parts of the world to make this dream come to reality. When they became fast friends online through a photographer’s community, Jennifer and Janet knew they wanted to plan a trip together. It wouldn’t be a trip with two photographers without a photo shoot so they put their brains to paper and came up with the vision for the shoot.

They then set out to find the perfect place which ended up being the rainforest known as Cathedral Grove on Vancouver Island in British Columbia – Cathedral Grove even made the list of the seven wonders of Canada which is really not surprising since some of the trees are more than 800 years old and 9 meters in circumference – wow!

Through the wonders of social media the two found their absolutely gorgeous couple, Lucy and Ryan who also happened to be coming up on their wedding anniversary which made it a great treat for them. Lucy’s dress was from Lisa Brown Designs in Australia, tailored to meet her exact style, with her overall boho feel. Every detail that from vintage shoes, belts and cuffs was just like Lucy and Ryan climbed out of their ideas on paper!

Bohemian-Romance-meets-rainforest-shoot Bohemian-Romance-meets-rainforest-ring Bohemian-Romance-meets-rainforest-cuff-bouquet Bohemian-Romance-meets-rainforest-cuff Bohemian-Romance-meets-rainforest-floral-crown Bohemian-Romance-meets-rainforest-pink-bouquet Bohemian-Romance-meets-rainforest-canada Bohemian-Romance-meets-rainforest-004 Bohemian-Romance-meets-rainforest-002 Bohemian-Romance-meets-rainforest-boutonniere Bohemian-Romance-meets-rainforest-bc Bohemian-Romance-meets-rainforest-bride Bohemian-Romance-meets-rainforest-knotsvilla Bohemian-Romance-meets-rainforest-groom Bohemian-Romance-meets-rainforest-love Bohemian-Romance-meets-rainforest-pink-flowers Bohemian-Romance-meets-rainforest-pair-kv Bohemian-Romance-meets-rainforest--001 Bohemian-Romance-meets-rainforest-pink-blooms Bohemian-Romance-meets-rainforest-bc-canada Bohemian-Romance-meets-rainforest-bloom


Photographer:  Jennifer Lourie Photography//Second Photographer: Elska Productions//Jewelry: Canyon Dreams Gallery//Other Location: Cathedral Grove//Hair Stylist: Conscious Hair by Elena//Makeup Artist: Erin Bradley Makeup Artist & Stylist//Apparel: Lisa Brown Designs //Floral Designer: Rook and Rose//Cake Designer: Ruth & Dean// Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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  1. Elska Productions

    Thank you so much for sharing this fabulous shoot! Jen and I had a fabulous time working on this with all the lovely vendors that supported us! Truly appreciate the feature! Your site is so lovely XO


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