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A couple of weeks ago we explored different shades of Green Bridesmaids Dresses, which according to our followers on Pinterest, was a hit 🙂 So today I figured I’d keep the same style of post and go the Blue route with these gorgeous Blue Bridesmaids Dresses all found on Dessy!

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Blue as a color is quite a common option, we think of themes like Beach wedding or Nautical weddings and almost instantly think of the color Blue. Because this color is quite common, there are brides eager to use it but wonder how to stay away from the “basic” look. One of those ways begin by exploring the different shades of Blue available and picking one or two that complement your wedding style and also stands out.

Here, we have 5 different and gorgeous dresses featuring 8 different shades of Blue – all from Dessy. These dresses are; Dessy Collection Style 2844, Lela Rose Style LR208, 57 Grand Style 5703, 57 Grand Style 5708 and Lovelie Style 9006.

The shades of Blue explored here are Cerulean Blue, Cornflower Blue, Larkspur Blue, Sapphire Blue, Ocean Blue, Sailor Blue, Midnight Blue and Lapis Blue.

Blue Bridesmaids Dresses

Question of the Post: What’s your favorite Dress of these 5 selection? I can’t help but have my eyes stuck on the 57 Grand Style 5708. It’s such a re-wearable dress and for that reason alone, it’s my fave!

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