Bliss & Bone: The Impression starts now

In better words from me; Wedding Planning made chic and easy.
Today’s post under #EWAMVendorLove is about Bliss & Bone. Yet another addition to our awesome Wedding Stationery Vendors! Easy Planning with Pretty Impression.

About Bliss & Bone:
Bliss & Bone is the trusted source for initial bridal inspiration and planning. The company creates a “brand” for a couple which communicates the bride’s overall wedding dream. Bliss & Bone believe that wedding planning is more than the day of the wedding – it begins at the proposal and continues through the milestones along the way – including your guests’ reaction. Their motto is the impression starts now.

Founders: Cindy & Carl Skanderup
In August 2009 Cindy met her soon to be husband Carl at a dinner party (that he was not invited to) and married him three years later. In the planning of their own wedding, Cindy realized there was a major void in the bridal market for people like her. She was looking to create a wedding memory that would last forever. For herself, her fiancé, and all the people they loved in life that would be sharing the special moments with them. She created, planned and over saw everything that went in to the year of planning the wedding. From creating custom invitations to her dress, and the little details of her rustic barn reception, Cindy did it all. This is how the idea Bliss & Bone was born.

Carl is the logic to Cindy’s imagination and the man behind the curtain. He checks and double-checks Cindy’s work. Then he checks it again to make sure that everything is perfect. He’s the finishing touch for everything Cindy creates.

Cindy and Carl wanted to give all couples the opportunity to have a dream-like fantasy wedding in the same way they did, without the headache or excessive customization costs.

Inspired by trends around the world, Cindy personally designs each seasonal collection. Produced in limited quantities in nontraditional methods, Bliss & Bone offers clients a higher level of wedding planning with unparalleled products that begins long before the engagement. After all, The Impression Starts Now.

Bliss & Bone offers 6 Collections each season.
Below is a photo with overview of the launch collections.

Each collection has three available elements: – Foundation, Essentials & Frills

– Serves as the Bride & Groom’s ‘foundation’ for their upcoming nuptials and overall branding as a couple.
– Includes: Save the date, Invitation suite, Thank you notes, Brand sheet, Inspiration board & Personalized couple website.

– Includes: Menus, Programs, Seating Cards and Table numbers

– Includes: Stickers, Stamps & Straws

What dreamy pieces of Art! Absolutely loving Bliss & Bone now, they are pretty much Hot on almost every wedding blog pout there now, that should say something! 

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