Black and White Boho Engagement by Nicole Caldwell Studio


Shot on the Hasselblad medium format camera black and white film, this stunning Boho engagement session is a little too pleasing to the eyes, and we have Nicole Caldwell Studio to thank for that! Ashlee and Bryan had their Black and White Boho Engagement session taken at Korakai Pensione, Palm Springs, California.

About the Couple – Written by Ashlee

Bryan and I actually met 13 years ago. At the time, I was roommates with his childhood best friend, Justin, and one of my best girlfriends, Tera, who were then boyfriend and girlfriend, now happily married for the last 10 years.

We were the 2000’s version of Three’s Company. Bryan, or as he’s more commonly known, Wheeler (his last name), was my roomie’s super cute, too cool, friend. We were both on and off with other people, our timing was just never quite right. Eventually we lost touch for about six years; just long enough for us both to find ourselves completely single and available to reconnect.

It was Tera and Justin who reconnected us on what felt much like a blind date after so long. It was the best first, blind date of all time and we’ve been nothing short of an old married couple ever since. So much so that after four years of dating, three years of living together, a dog and a joint checking account, I had to not-so-subtly remind him that we in fact were NOT MARRIED and that a ring and a proposal was still in order and a bit tardy!

To know Wheeler, is to love him. He flies by the seat of his pants; I make a plan to make a plan – I keep the “Wheels from falling off,” he keeps life fun, spontaneous and not a bit too serious. I always imagined he’d propose on any given Tuesday morning while I was brushing my teeth or something, because planning some getaway with rose petals and a sunset was just not his style – and I love that about him. I knew it would be about “us,” not about the story we’d have to tell our friends and family.

To my surprise, he managed to make it every bit about us, gave me a sweet story to tell, and he PLANNED the whole thing!! Every year on Christmas Eve I bribe him with Bailey’s & coffee to walk through our neighborhood, known for its spectacular Christmas lights and decorated home tours. We live near the ocean, so the lights reflecting off the water is almost magical, reminds me of the “It’s A Small World” ride at Disneyland and something that I look forward to every year.

So, we fixed our warm boozy cocktails and went for our annual walk that ended with something equally magical – the big question and a sparkler on my finger! We are still arguing about my actual response to his question. I swear I said, “Of course!” He swears I said, “Finally!”


Photographer:  Nicole Caldwell Studio//Event Venue: Korakai Pensione//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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