Bicycle Themed Anniversary Session by Joanna Moore Photography

When: August 01, 2016 | Where: Florida | Theme/Props: Outdoor, Whimsical, Casual, Bicycles

Once in a while we shed some light of life after “I Do”, with anniversary shoots. Today’s shoot is just that and it’s easily one of our favorites already! One year later, we have Taira and Shaun celebrating their marriage with one of our favorite props ever – bicycles! Taira and Shaun decided to celebrate their first anniversary with a photo shoot – a bicycle themed anniversary shoot which was captured beautifully by Joanna Moore Photography.

With their outdoor setting, those bold yellow bikes, wide smiles and the casual look (her messy bun is too perfect!), everything about this session scream “Happy married life!”. We could not be any happier to share with KV readers!

Bicycle Themed Anniversary Session

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Photographer:  Joanna Moore Photography//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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