How to be the Best Client Ever – To Your Wedding Vendors

Wedding season is gradually coming to an end and the engagement season would be here pretty soon. There’s soon going to be an influx of newly engaged couples and if you happen to be one of them, then this post is for you. With that new bling comes the preparation of the wedding which would involve vendors, so you should totally know how to be the best client ever!

Below are 4 pointers (2 for pre-wedding and 2 for post-wedding) to make you stand out to your vendors and ensure a great working relationship. With the amount spent working with your wedding vendors during your months of wedding planning, a great relationship would make things go so much smoother and easier, that you won’t dread wedding planning like some brides do.

How to be the Best Client Ever

1. Honor Appointments

Time is precious, time is money. With your newly booked wedding vendors you always want to ensure you are respectable of their time by honoring your appointments booked. This not only makes them feel valuable but this sets you as a respectable prospective client.

Honoring your appointment not only means you have to show up to the appointment but also includes giving a good enough time frame to cancel or reschedule if you have to do so. Canceling an appointment 20 minutes before the scheduled time, especially when your photographer had to travel quite a distance for the appointment, is totally not a good look.

2. Negotiate Respectfully

Everyone loves to feel valued and vendors are not excluded. Negotiating is one process that could easily show how much value you put on someone’s work, so you want to be careful to not make them feel undervalued by being ridiculous with your pricing negotiations.

Some vendors you come across would state from the beginning that their prices are firm, respect that by either agreeing to the price or realizing they may not be the right fit for you (budget-wise). Should you choose to find a vendor whose prices may not be firm, try being clear with your budget and asking what they can do based on that. It’s better to say “I have a budget of $1500 for photography, what can I get with that”, than seeing a package of $3500 and asking the vendor to give it to you for $1500. #DontBeRidiculous

3. Posting on Social Media? Credit!

In today’s world where everything and everyone is on social media, one needs to understand the value of social media when it comes to business owners. Should you be the client who is so proud of his/her wedding and loves to share on social media, NEVER FORGET TO CREDIT THE VENDORS! This might feel like something unnecessary or possibly too time consuming, but do it anyways. A few things would make your vendors heart sing for joy and one of them is getting new business from social media through your own post!

4. Recommendations

Nothing says “I appreciate the work you did for my wedding” to a vendor like a recommendation. If you are truly satisfied with the work of that vendor and a friend is looking for that service, kill 2 birds with one stone by making that recommendation; your friend gets the possibility of having great work done for their wedding and your vendor gets a new business – win, win!

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