3 Reasons to Have A Long Engagement Period

We’ve written about have a short period of engagement and the awesomeness of that but today we are checking out the other side of the coin – long engagement periods!

The hitched 2016 survey says most people plan their weddings about 12 – 19 months after the proposal, so for the sake of this post, long engagement would be anything after 18 months. However this timing is not set in stone as what might be long to you, might not be long to another person – so keep that in mind.

3 Reasons to Have A Long Engagement Period

So why do people wait 18 months or as far as 3 years after proposal to have the actual wedding? For this post we are not considering unforeseen circumstances that caused this, but a deliberate plan by the couple to wait this long. There are several reasons for this and this post we discuss why couples like thus might really be on to something! Here are 3 reasons to have a long engagement period.

1. To Save: All over the Internet and in person, couples are looking for ways to have their dream weddings and one of the most common constraints is finances. While there are a plethora of ways to get deals and discounts for the wedding in order to stay within the agreed upon budget, another option would be to wait and actually save from your income.

With more time, you’d get to decide on how to carefully strategize on how to achieve your wedding expenses without being rushed and cutting corners. Now you get to draw up a somewhat long term plan, review your source of income and figure out how much after your more important expenses, is available to use for the wedding.

Depending on your income and the budget of the wedding, it is very possible for this timing to go as far as 18 months or more. So buckle up, bring out your financial planners, review your calculations and get ready to get on a #SavingForTheWedding journey!


2. To enjoy one another: The period of wedding planning can be a hectic and stressful one, which depending on the foundation of the relationship, can make or break it. While it is an exciting phase, couples should be armed for the ups and downs of this stage and one way to do it is to not rush it.

While others might be planning their weddings right after the the proposal, other couples are also giving themselves time to let this new, fun and exciting reality sink in. There is a short period of glow that lasts for a newly engaged bride-to-be before she starts to wear the wedding planning stress on her face. There is absolutely nothing wrong with extending this glowing phase of engagement. So while some people may only wait 1 month after the proposal, if you can, feel free to wait 3, 4 or even 6 months and use such time to enjoy one another in your new phase.

After the set amount of months you decide to take to enjoy your new phase, not only have you acquired a lot of excitement for the upcoming challenge of wedding planning, you have gotten to know your spouse-to-be even much more.

Enjoy the engagement period, drag it out, do all you can to ensure your relationship is more steady, secure and very proof for the possible drama and stress wedding planning can bring.

3. To get your specifics: This is another very common reason. If you are very specific about certain things concerning your wedding, then you might have no choice other than to wait it out. Specifics in this case are for example, a particular date, a particular vendor or a particular venue.

This is usually the case with couples who are not very flexible in making such changes. If a date means something very important to you and you are not willing to change it for whatever reason (usually because the venue is already booked), you most likely would have to wait until the date is available. Same goes with other vendors.

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  1. Stephen Davison

    Hi Gee,

    Interesting post..!

    Many of us still don’t know the exact reasons to have a long engagement period and it’s difficult to manage the duration.
    If there is a long engagement period means wedding couples get enough time to save budget from their income.
    The second thing is, it will create a gap to reduce the stress and keep you healthy.
    Finally, you will have a choice to decide a specific location, date, vendor, etc. for your wedding.

    An important article for wedding couples.

    Thank You Gee.


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