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We’ve talked about how to incorporate social media in your wedding but today let’s address what it’s really like being a bride on social media – from a personal perspective. A few weeks ago I was gladly scrolling through my Facebook timeline when I came across Jenna’s posts. Her post was quite lengthy for the time I had hoped to spend but as the comments and likes trickled in right before my eyes, I decided to take a look. And oh boy, I was glad I did. Here’s what Bride Jenna had to say about being a bride on social media;


“Lately, I’ve heard some people say, “Pay attention to the folks that don’t clap for you when you win.” I always found it silly but the more I’ve been attentive to those around me, the more I see the truth in it.

Ever since I’ve been engaged, some people have treated me differently. Guys who I thought were friends make comments like, “I don’t text engaged women.” What happened to being platonic and having genuine male and female friendships? Girls who I thought would be happy for me have either distanced themselves out of jealousy or say things like, “Life must be great for you, miss bride to be.” So you think being engaged makes all of my trials and tribulations magically disappear? How naive.

Perhaps social media is to blame for a lot of our attitudes because, let’s face it, social media practically forces us to compare our lives to others and I firmly believe comparison is the thief of joy. Why do it? Social media is also a tool many folks rely on for self-validation. They allow their worth and confidence to be defined by a like or comment. Why?

Realize two things: (1) People around you will always have something you want and you, yourself, have to be comfortable clapping for them and (2) There’s life outside of social media–for all of us. Live it, focus on it, immerse yourself in it. Stop letting social media occupy your mind with jealousy, insecurity and disdain for people who are succeeding.

Stop allowing others to shape how you feel about you. I honestly never thought I’d see so many “friendships” change over a blessing like marriage but I am thanking God for using my Union to show me that some people were never real to begin with.”

Can we get an Amen?

Remember when we talked about the secrets to being a happy bride (see it here), our last point was all about comparisons and how they definitely rip out the joy in you. Many brides face this feeling or should I call it “temptation” and it’s definitely a breath of fresh air to see a bride totally call this behavior out. Thanks Jenna for echoing the craziness of comparisons in wedding planning and more!

Jenna tied the knot this weekend and looked oh-so gorgeous in her wedding, congrats Jenna and thanks for letting us share this piece!

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