How To Plan for Beautiful Getting Ready Photos

Are you dreaming of having fun and beautiful getting ready photos to add to your wedding album? Have you visualized a group of robe wearing, champagne sipping ladies laughing adoringly around you as you get curled?

Just like most aspects of your wedding day, capturing those photos takes some simple planning. Below are steps to take to get those swoon worthy photos on your wedding day.

1. Consult your photographer on your timeline.


Before you buy your invitations or book your makeup artist, consult with your photographer on your timeline. Most brides base the timeline around their own hair and makeup schedule. If you are wanting some gorgeous preparation photos of you and your bridesmaids, EVERYONE needs to be ready.

Ideally, your bridesmaids hair and makeup will be mostly complete, if not all the way, while the photographer is capturing shots of you getting your hair and makeup done. You’ll get fun photos of them laughing in the background. Touching images of them lovingly watch you getting dolled up, and they’ll be less self conscious if they feel glamorous. Consider having everyone’s hair and makeup done simultaneously at a local salon, rather than 1 at a time in the suite.

2. Hand out bridesmaid gifts at the suite


Ensure that everyone is in their robe, has their bracelet, their gift bag, etc by not handing them out until they arrive at the suite. Nothing is going to offset the photos more than having 1 bridesmaid that forgot her robe. If possible, have everyone keep their goodies close by, allowing your photographer to capture the full set of bridesmaid gifts.

Telling the story in whole with all of the gifts, or at least one full set of gifts Bring all of the girls special hangers with you, rather than give them out ahead of time.

3. Have a separate staging area

Keep the clutter down by having a separate staging area for the gifts, clothes, dresses, etc. You want the area that you are posing in to have a blank canvas so to speak. The photographer will stage items to tell your story in an aesthetically pleasing way.

If possible, have an adjoining room and put your maid of honor or mom in charge of keeping everyone’s clothes, gifts, shoes, etc in there. Ideally, chose a larger location with a lot of great natural lighting. No bathrooms or cramped rooms for your preparations.

4. Create a joyful environment


Help everyone enjoy the process. Being in front of a camera for the day can be nerve racking. This time will help all of the bridesmaids and you be more comfortable with your photographer.

Consider bringing a game or having the movie Bridesmaids playing in the background to help pass the time while they’re waiting for everyone to finish up. Help everyone loosen up with fun music, tea, coffee, or mimosa’s. Have someone bring snacks, but consider something besides donuts. Fresh fruit, bagels, quiche are great options that will help keep blood sugar regulated better than donuts.

Weddings can be a very long day on your feet being told to smile and giggle charmingly. Ensure your bridesmaids are not overcome with a case of “Hangry” after the ceremony, because it’s been 10 hours since they had a chance to eat.

5. Remember to include the flower girls

Preparation Photos 4

Expecting them to be part of the entire process might be too much to ask depending on age. If possible, have them drop by after your hair and makeup is done. Your photographer can capture some candid shots that include them in the getting ready process. Photos of them with the group and with you alone will add charming emotion to the portfolio as well as a thank you gift you can frame for them.

Little girls love to be like the big girls, don’t forget them when you’re ordering your special hangers and glasses and necklaces. Everything is charming in pint size.

6. Relax and Have Fun

You planned for months, you have amazing vendors and a gorgeous groom waiting for you. Now it’s time to relax and enjoy the day. Let your planner worry about whether the florist is putting the centerpieces together right and how to arrange the seats and all the other million details. That’s what you hired them for.

Don’t let your day pass you by in a whirl of detail stress. Consider giving your man a text and then handing your phone over to your mom until after the ceremony. Enjoy the moment. Nothing creates amazing photos more than genuine emotion.


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