3 Basic Ways to Increase Blog Traffic

All over the internet there is a whole lot of information on this topic; how to increase blog traffic. That makes it very obvious many people are asking this question and are hungry for answers. However that also makes it obvious that there is not just one way to get it done. If there was only one way, then there’d probably not be as many of these posts floating on the internet, because we would have all figured it out and moved on to the next pressing blogging question.

I was recently asked by some of my blogger friends which obviously got me thinking: “How did my traffic increase in this past 2 years?” After much thinking and reflecting, I came up with the 3 major things I have used to achieve my traffic increase.

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I have referred to them as “basic” because in this post, I stayed away from all the technicalities that goes into blogging and traffic; I approached these methods from the standpoint of a new blogger who just wants to write and have an audience. The technicalities of traffic in the blogging world creeps up on us after a while of blogging but at the initial stage, everything starts up pretty basic.

So here are my 3 Basic Ways to Increase Blog Traffic;

1. Content: This is why you decided to blog in the first place; you realized you had something to say. Your content is the groundwork for everything you have to offer to the world wide web and you have to treat it with not only care but integrity. They say content is king, I say it’s the foundation.

Treating your posts with care and integrity entails doing your research, giving right information, ensuring you are adding value to your readers but most of all you are being true to yourself while blogging. Many readers (myself included), fall in love not just with the actual content but the person/voice behind it. If you are being dishonest or not true to your character with your, your audience can sense it quickly and lose interest.

Some people worry about running out of what to say, while this is a legitimate fear, it can very well be overcome. Regardless of what industry or focus your blog is, I believe there would always be something new to be discovered. All you have to do is “keep your ears to the ground”.

Apart from something new, you can always recycle something old. A 2 year old post can always be revived if you feel there are somethings new that have occurred to help that old post. We grow everyday and learn everyday, the chances of new/fresh ideas for an old topic, is very high and should be embraced.

2. Social Media: When you begin a blog, except you have already have a champion of family and friends that are ready to spread your posts to the ends of the earth, you are most likely going to need to get social. So many platforms exist where you can share your blog posts; Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more. But sharing your posts on social media platforms is not all there is to it; you have to watch it. Watch it to see which is doing better, watch it to figure out which needs more work, watch it to know which platform is more profitable and how to help it continue to soar.

After 2 years of blogging I definitely have my preference when it comes to social media but it’s not just a matter of preference, it’s the “more profitable” factor. According to Google Analytics, my Pinterest accounts for over 50% of my traffic while the other 4 platforms all add up to only 5% of my traffic. So it would be unwise to neglect my Pinterest activities for any other platform.

With my Google Analytics I have finally figured out what works (Pinterest) and I am focusing on how to keep it working. Not that I have giving up on trying to learn how to grow the other platforms, after all the more the merrier, but I know that Pinterest would always take priority until my analytics prove otherwise.

3. Blogger Networking: Here I refer to the Blogging community as a whole, as a network. This can be easily done through guest blogging and other forms of collaboration. New bloggers should invest in finding their niche networks; people they believe in what they do and agree a blog partnership would be beneficial to both parties.

Through these networks and guest postings, there is what I call audience sharing. This pretty much means, when I agree to have a guest post on my blog, I open my audience to this blogger and her blog. Assuming this is done right, she also shares the post with her own audience either through blogging an excerpt or via her social network platforms.

When I started blogging, I looked for such niche blogger networks to join even though I had no idea how instrumental they would be in growing my blog. At that time I was really just excited to be a part of a blogging community, to discover like minded people and blogs. So I joined the SITS Girls. It was through this network (submitting my posts and having them published) I discovered the power/relationship of blogging networks and traffic increase.

So there you have it, my 3 most basic ways to increase your blog traffic before all the technicalities unravel.

Question of the Day: How about you? What are your most basic tips you would give a new blogger for traffic increase?

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  1. My Kind Of Mom-Kelly

    Thanks for the post. I’m always looking for ways to increase traffic;-)

  2. Michelle @ Vitamin Sunshine

    Good tips. The blogger network is what took me the longest to realize I needed, and what has helped me the most. And Pinterest! Over half of my traffic comes from it as well– I used to work really hard at regularly getting things on Pinterest– and now, even when I don’t have time to post more content, I still get a ton of traffic from it.


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