Asking for Money instead of Wedding Presents

Money instead of Presents for the wedding couple? A number of years everyone and their grandma would have called this tacky, but here in 2020 not so much. While some of those of the older generation might still be struggling to understand this new age etiquette blunder, the rest of the world is much more accepting.

Not only would most people rather not carry big boxed presents to and from a wedding, couples would rather not spend all the time compiling a full traditional gift registry. Add this to the fact that now, more than ever, couples are getting married at a much later stage in life where they already have most of the traditional gift registry items. So really what’s the point of adding that blender to a list at Macy’s?

So you might ask, what are the better and more current options? Now it’s all about money, money, money! The pros of giving monetary gifts far outweigh the cons that to be honest, I don’t even give it another thought. Especially with online cash gift registries that make giving monetary gifts safer and lighter (you can literally show up to the wedding empty handed because you already sent in a gift ahead of time). By safe I mean, using these online cash registries rid the possibilities of presents being stolen as well as for cash (those who bring it to the wedding in an envelope) being stolen.

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For a couple thinking of asking their guests for monetary gifts these are generally the 3 options available;

Ask for donations towards a specific need for the couple: This could be monetary gifts towards the honeymoon, or towards the couples new home, new car, etc. Usually the honeymoon donation (commonly called honeymoon fund) is the most used as people tend to tie weddings to honeymoons. Some online registries have this as an option among other needs, however a site like Traveler’s Joy is set up strictly for the need of the honeymoon.

Ask for donations towards nothing specific: This is just donations for the couple’s future in general, nothing specific. This is commonly what we’ve always known as “Cash gifts”, where the couple just receive money as is and can use these gifts towards anything they decide on. Common examples of these are Zola, My Registry and The Knot Cash Fund – where you don’t have to name what these donations would be used for.

Ask for donations to a chosen cause/charity: While this might be a noble thing, it’s not my preferred as there could be cases where the charity or cause chosen by the couple doesn’t align or goes against the values of the guest. So if you are such a couple who truly wants this, just don’t make it the only option.

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  1. Photography by Bryan

    I have been photographing weddings for more than 10 years now and from what I’ve seen these days it is much more the norm. In many cultures, it has always been the standard and some have pre-wedding events that are about giving the couple gifts to start their new home but at the wedding, it’s all about the envelopes.

    I’ve even seen some pre-wedding ceremonies where the bride is covered and the groom lays money on the ground at intervals as he approaches his bride to be and she will only be uncovered to him when the elders feel he has given enough.

    It make a lot more sense and probably always have, growing up I remember my mother having a food mixer type thing in the cuppord that was a wedding gift and she never got round to using it. Cash will always have a use.


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