Ashley Reherman and A Baltimore Ravens themed Engagement shoot

Rae Wamsley & Zack Noyes

If you are a Baltimore Ravens fan then this maybe your favorite feature on E.W.A.M so far. Rae and Zack opted for the Casual and Fun themed shoot and stylishly incorporated their favorite football team- the Ravens. Okay, I will confess, I know very little about football but Rae and Zack have almost convinced me to give the sport just another chance. They sure make the Ravens look good! I bet my sister in-law is grinning somewhere right now as she views this feature.

Hope you enjoy this beautifully presented Engagement Shoot by Ashley Reherman again, and get used to it; we might be seeing a lot of her work on here 🙂

The Proposal: Zack and I were on vacation in Charlotte, NC in June. We were scheduled to go whitewater rafting and Zack had asked if I wanted to go walking along a bike trail before our scheduled rafting trip. We were walking along a bike trail (if you have never been on one, the mountain bikers take their trails very seriously, and ride very fast) so we were dodging mountain bikers and walking. Zack had told me several times that he dint want to ruin my vacation but he wasn’t proposing this trip. As I was cutting through the woods, I starting sliding down a hill, and as I was sliding, Zack called out my name. When I turned around, he was down on one knee 🙂 The proposal was perfect, very much the way we both wanted it.-Written by the Bride

Name of Couple: Rae Wamsley & Zack Noyes
Wedding Date: June 29, 2013
Engagement session theme: Casual and Fun. 

Venue(s) for E-session: M&T Bank Stadium, Home of the Baltimore Ravens, Downtown Baltimore, and the Liriodendron Mansion in our home town of Bel Air.

Photographer Review

Ashley is a great photographer, she is very concerned with making sure we are comfortable as well as making sure we get great shots. Ashley is definitely focused on her clients and making sure everything comes out perfect. I cannot wait for Ashley to shoot our wedding!!

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  1. Anonymous

    The photographs and people are gorgeous. Ashley really captured their spirits. I love the use of the Raven’s Stadium.


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