As a Blogger; Why I choose Feedly over Bloglovin

Magazine View of the “All” Category

In the Light of my Blogging event for today, I have been thinking much of how my Blogging life has been. Some of you may know I did not begin blogging yesterday, lol. I ran a personal blog for years (through out college) which came to a stop after I got engaged. However, I only began using Blog readers (Google Reader) just at the end of that phase, so I did not get to enjoy it much.

I got back into blogging a year later (after my wedding) by starting this blog and it was in this new phase I discovered the awesomeness of readers and I quickly began enjoying my Google reader… then it went away! Ugh…it’s like a child who tastes a tiny bit of candy and by the time she realizes how sweet it is and reaches out for more, its all gone!

So I reached out for my Google search, hoping for alternatives; they existed! After extensive reading of my options, I narrowed them down to two; Feedly and Bloglovin. I would be honest, the look of Feedly has to be what won over instantly; it was just so pretty!

Next to the look, was the ability to have access to my reader on my 2 different browsers; Firefox or Chrome. I have just only learned that Feedly doesn’t work on IE and honestly my first reaction was, “Who still uses IE?” Lol…so clearly that was not a problem for me.

Thirdly what I love about Feedly, is the categorization capability is possesses. Feedly has honestly made me even go harder into this blogging world. I now follow a lot more blogs now and all categorized neatly (Wedding, Personal, Christian and Food), thanks to Feedly!

Lastly, is the option of having your posts arranged in different views; the Cards, Magazine, List and Full Article. *sigh* Feedly just makes my blogging life easier!

Photos from my Screen


Title Only View of a Particular Blog

Magazine View of a Particular Blog

Cards View of the “Food” Category

Cards View of the “Christian” Category

Magazine View of the “Personal” Category

Magazine View of the “Wedding Blogs” Category

Here is quite a detailed write up on Feedly vs. Bloglovin.
As a Blogger, which did you choose?

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