And More: Where do they Sell Time?

Seriously I need to buy it, and buy it in bulk! Geez, this week has been super fast and trust me, not in a good way. I have been so busy at the office that I feel I know nothing going on in my favorite world (Blog World) again. I have missed posts (the appearance of my unread posts on my feedly and make someone go insane), not replied comments, forgotten emails and every other thing that is a clue for living the life of a Research analyst by day and a Wedding blog editor by night along with the seconds in between. 

You see, if that was all to this current struggle of mine, it may not be so bad after all but I think what makes it worse is that I have so much to say (blog about), both in the Wedding world and my Personal world but there is just no time to sit down, gather my thoughts and spill. So here I am, like this gassy bottle, about to explode and let it all out but something forcefully keeps me inside; the lack of time.

Hopefully this weekend would be all that I hope it would be, then I’d be a different kind of Chatter box on here.
Until then….

PS: I am currently loving the fact that my nail polish matches my Iphone case, seriously in my mind, I have an A for Cool degree 🙂


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3 Responses

  1. Sayo

    The nail polish – phone case match is too cute…..

    But really, you are a blog editor rockstar. On twitter, it feels like you do this full time because there’s an ewam post like every half a second on my timeline…lol. Everyone has these overwhelming moments where it seems like nothing is being done. It’s in these challenging periods we are able to learn, prioritize, and grow 🙂 *hugs*

  2. Rachel Lavern

    I share your frustration. Like you, I have lots of great topics to write about … So many ideas, so little time! 🙂


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