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I decided the “& More” in this Blog’s name leaves room for many other goodies that are not wedding related so I figured I’d enjoy myself and make a few lifestyle posts to keep you company when you may have just had enough “wedding” for the day. How was your weekend? As adventurous like mine? Okay let me quit the drama mine was not that “adventurous” but any excuse to blog about it, I’d greatly make use of!

This weekend was the travel weekend (Yeah I am usually traveling every other weekend to see the husband) and this time we decided to meet half way; Dearborn, Michigan. I think this is the 4th time we have met in Michigan and if I am not mistaken the 3rd time we stayed in this hotel; Adoba Eco Hotel. Let me start by saying this hotel is pretty gorgeous…but that ends with everywhere but the rooms! Brrr! When I booked the hotel via hotwire (the one where they hide the hotel names for lower prices – kai, being cheap is just not the way!), I was really hoping for another hotel. I had done my maths being a regular Hotwire customer and all things pointed to a 4 star hotel that was not Adoba. Well that maths failed me woefully! I called hotwire to sweet talk them with my voice (my husband says I sound pretty awesome on the phone :p) but clearly my charm did not work on the customer service dude that picked up the phone, so we were stuck with Adoba for the weekend.

Beautiful view from our Room 🙂
The drive to Dearborn for the first time was tiring. I think my body finally passed the stage of the excitement of having to drive 4.5 hours alone with my loud music, and now my body realized “AintNobodyGotTimeforThat”! So I struggled with the drive, struggled to stay awake and struggled to enjoy it. In the struggling described above, I parked on the side of the road to rest, I think I dozed off for like 10 minutes until a cop woke me up. How did I not know it was illegal to park on the road side? Loool! yeah, he handed me a ticket and let’s just say that ticket drove away every fiber of sleep in me until I arrived at the hotel.

Now let’s talk about what really went down in Dearborn! One word: Pacific Rim (okay that’s two but you get the point). Let’s just say I am still beating myself up for seeing that movie because Dami from Dudunorth and Obie of M.I.M Chronicles advised me too. Not only these girls though, I had heard such wonderful things about that movie that I was willing to let go of my darling Hugh Jackman in the The Wolverin to watch Pacific Rim. Well I may be the only one saying this but that movie was a waste of my time, money and just poor use of my opportunity cost decision! lol. There was just too much fighting going on, too much iron in my face and too much…just too much! For the most part of the movie I was either looking away or having a confused look or just tweeting while my battery was still good enough on my phone. For what it’s worth, just before the movie I acquired a new pair of flats (I have this thing with flats where I just cant seem to have enough) and David felt bad about Pacific Rim and had us watch 2 guns a few hours later; Now that was some movie! Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg were just all sorts of awesomeness in that movie, so at the end of the day Gee was a happy camper 🙂
My New Rubber flats from DSW!

Oh and whats a trip to Michigan without food photos huh?
Viola!! All my Unhealthy goodies! *guilt free living*

Friday Dinner At PF Changs 

Pan Fried DumplingsI can’t even remember what this was, David ordered it. I think it tasted good though..Shrimpy!Fried Bananas for Dessert, Yumminess!

Saturday Brunch At Ihop 

Red Velvet pancakes, my very first!David’s Steak omeletteChicken fajitas, a regular order for me at my Ihop visits!Oatmeal..Pretty awesome, I think I’m stuck on this now

How was your weekend??

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