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So you see that picture to your top right of this Blog? You know, the one with me in Green holding the sign and under it I’m  telling my life story why this Blog exists? Yeah that one. And I look happy huh? Over joyed like this is the next best thing to sliced bread and all that. Well, you see I am not self absorbed in anyway (I promise, I would know considering I knew who I once was at some point in my life) but I must confess I love that one of the first things you see when you visit this Blog is Me, the Editor, the Chief Editor. It reminds me and hopefully you, that EWAM is me, my baby, my project, ME and I have to confess, the feeling and reality is mighty awesome!

But then I play around the Internet, check up with my many Blog lists and stumble on an article by my friend Dami at Dudunorth and some how, in a tiny and weird way I can’t help feeling like I would love to have another face there, next to me on your right side of le Blog. There I said it! This “self-absorbed” girl would not mind having a partner, another parent to this gorgeous and wide-spreading blog. Of course there are advantages to running things on your own, calling the shots and what not but sometimes it gets tiring but most of all I feel it gets one sided.

I don’t focus on the “tiring” part which is in reference to the work load of running a blog because if that is my focus, I believe I could easily put a post up and say I need an intern (unpaid). That would be easy peasy; there are quite a lot of people that are looking to contribute to growing blogs for their different reasons. I’d give them “author” access (restricted access where they can not edit my posts but only put up theirs) to the blog, and check on the blog every minute to ensure that I totally agree with their posts and it absolutely fits my vision for EWAM (I promise I won’t be a hard boss, get that out of your mind now!) But you see, that doesn’t cut it really; I would still be the “boss”, it would still be MY blog and mostly MY ideas.

What would be awesome is having someone I can fully trust with EWAM; like I can be in a small rural town with no Internet access and still be confident that EWAM is in good hands. What I need is someone like-minded (in values and in the vision for this blog) and I think that is where this task just becomes almost impossible extremely difficult to accomplish (Or am I just being a little too picky?) Life would have been super awesome right now if one or more of my 7 closest girlfriends in the world were interested in such but unfortunately these babes have no interests whatsoever in Weddings, heck they actually hardly read this blog!!! I stroll by sites like Swan So Sweet, Southern Weddings, 100 Layer Cake, Bayside Bride and Limn & Lovely and I sorta envy these sites, in the corner of my mind I really wish I had a reason to have the “Meet the Team” tab on this Blog…and no, it’s not just because I think the phrase sounds cool!

In the meantime (maybe till my girlfriends start to plan their weddings and finally come around the cool idea of running a wedding blog), I’d solo this thing all the way! After all there are many children that do pretty well with single parents.

End of Rambling.

How Y’all doing?? *In Wendy Williams voice*

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17 Responses

  1. ChicBrownBride

    LOL!! Girl you are so funny. Everyone warned me that blogging was no joke and in the back of my mind I was like oh I can handle this! It has literally taken over my life!!

  2. Dami

    Awwww….I inspired youuuuu!!!
    #BLUSHEXPLOSION My caramel cheeks are pink…lol

  3. The Chic SAHM

    I can’t wait to see all of your wedding planning ideas. Like you, I’m already married but I never get tired of wedding “stuff”. I can watch Say Yes to the Dress all day, LOL!

  4. Wedding Thingz

    Great post….I truly understand what you’re talking about. I wish my girlfriends were into weddings as much as I am. and could help. I’ve started to accept guest posts to give me a break and to give the readers a different point of view. You have to be sure the articles are within your vision for your blog. Keep up the good work!

  5. Mary Leigh

    I also got married in June and still love wedding (and shower) planning! I definitely enjoy following your blog and love getting to help others come up with fun ideas!!

  6. aisleperfect

    Haha I dont think I can ever let someone post for me .. will have to come to terms with it eventually.

  7. Lola || Tulle Tales

    As controlling as I am I think that was the cool part about having people come on board, luckily for me they happen to be friends with like minds so it makes the process easy. Even though they don’t post as much as I do, I don’t think I can survive without them now. I think it’s just about being patient enough to find that right person that shares your vision. It’s fun for me sometimes to come on my own blog and read a blog post just like everyone else! I’m rambling….bye!

  8. Latrice

    well let me know when you’re ready to add the help. I’ve become so obsessed with all things wedding I’m scared when mines is over I’ll have to stalk everybody else’s.I was just telling my fiancé I need to get into the blogging or planning business

  9. Gee| EverythingWeddingsAndMore

    Haha Latrice, I totally get it! I always say after a bride plans her wedding you either really love it and continue or really hate it and never want to hear the word wedding again! Two extremes of course.


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