And Finally the Ring Came: Love and Sam’s Proposal Story

Photo by Afuwa Studios, Kaduna, Nigeria

Since it’s been a while since we had an #EWAMHowHeAsked post, I thought this funny and down to earth story would be ideal for a come back. Bride-to-be Love is sharing her proposal story and as usual do not forget to wish both of them a happy wedding planning and a blissful marriage!

“I would like to start by saying long distance relationships are really hard. I and Sam have been doing love across the nation (I school in London, he lives in Nigeria). We knew we were going to get married, we had even begun to talk about but he did not give me a ring. I did not know how to hint it, it was frustrating. I silently prayed to God that he won’t be the average typical Nigerian man who does not see the necessity in engagement rings, I needed the damn ring. I was due to travel to Nigeria on the 10th of April and I was convinced in my spirit that was the day. He had told me he had a surprise for me when I arrived, so I was sure. I dressed appropriately for the ‘proposal pictures’ because I was too sure he would propose at the airport. I remember I wore this cute light blue chiffon blouse on blue jeans and a cute jacket; I wanted to be a stunner in the pictures.

I arrived Nigeria at 5 a.m. and had the biggest smile on my face; he swept me up in his arms. But there was no ring. I assumed he wanted to do it at the car park, still nothing. Sigh, I gave up. My surprise was a huge portrait of me. I loved it but I still wanted my ring.

We went to visit his family that day and some friends also. I was already tired as I had not rested from the journey. My mind had completely drifted from my ring fantasies. He then informed me that we had to go to church as it was a service day. In my mind I said ‘kill me now’. I was too exhausted, so grudgingly I went to dress up and quickly dashed into the kitchen to get something. As I turned to leave, there he was on his two knees and he began to say sweet nothings. I was in shock, I didn’t hear any of what he said. When I saw his hand stretched out, I knew he must have asked the question so I said ‘YES’. I hugged him, pushed him outside the kitchen and then I began to scream and jump.” – Bride Love

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