Amazing Moments That Make You Sweat

kaboompics.com_Bride walking alone with flowers and shoesKV has partnered with Simply Stylist and Dove to bring you today’s topic which is all about the amazing moments that make you sweat during the wedding planning journey. Weddings and Nerves, two words we don’t talk about very often, though it happens to the best of us. In fact, like the Dove campaign video below, sometimes the moments that make us sweat are the most amazing moments of all. With their new “Amazing Moments” campaign, the brand puts its Clinical Protection Antiperspirant to the test when a lady pops the question to the love of her life!

The campaign video has us thinking about those wedding perfect moments that brides and grooms sweat about. While weddings are exciting, full of love and laughter, we’ve heard of a number of stories of people who experience nervousness in the mix of all that excitement. That again confirms that not only unpleasant moments make us nervous, but even the amazing and most perfect moments. Think of it like a good kind of nervousness.

Here are some common amazing moments that make brides and grooms sweat;

The Proposal: As you saw in the Dove campaign video, whether you are the one proposing or the one having to give an answer, it’s very easy and common to be nervous. Not nervous because you think he/she would reject the proposal (hopefully that does not happen!), but a lot of time it’s nervousness in the hopes that everything goes as planned – every single detail.

Walking down the Aisle/First look Sessions: Having to walk into a hall filled with people who stand up the moment you walk in can be a little nerve wracking and so can seeing your partner for the first time at the end of that aisle be. From hopes that no one steps on your veil, to the thought of not balling your eyes out and smothering your makeup, the list goes on for reasons many are nervous in that moment.

We’ve heard over and over again that many couple are opting for First look sessions for this reason, they take advantage of these sessions to wean out the nerves so they are more relaxed as they walk down the aisle.

The Vows: When you choose to personalize and read out your vows, it can easily be another moment for the nerves to kick in. This was my case. Some brides find using the standard vows read by the officiant to be less nerve wrecking than having to write theirs and read it out. Again, most of the time we are nervous because we are overly conscious of everything sounding perfect that we just do not take the time to relax.

Practice those vows as much as you can in front of the mirror or even your bridesmaids, this has been found to be helpful for those who find themselves nervous.

A Wedding Surprise: “I don’t like surprises”, that’s a phrase many have heard and said and there’s a reason for that – we are unsure how we’d react especially when there’s an audience. For myself, I knew there was a surprise coming, however, I was very clueless as to what it was. A part of me thought it was going to be a funny dance routine (that was common back then) but I was clearly wrong. This indeed was yet another nervous moment for me when the time in our reception came for my husband to deliver “his surprise”. It was a gesture of our Christian faith (washing of my feet) and I got through it cheesing really hard once the nerves were calmed.

There’s a whole lot of amazing wedding moments that make couples sweat, these are only a few. Did you experience such at any point during your wedding or the wedding planning journey? Louisa from the campaign video trusted the Dove to get her through her moment, what ways/methods have helped in calming your nerves?

About the Dove Clinical Protection: Dove Clinical Protection offers undeniable wetness protection and has 1/4 moisturizers to care for skin. It comes in 6 different fragrances and can be purchased at mass, food and drug retailers nationwide.

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