Alternatives to the Traditional Wedding Ring [Guest Post]

What does a gold band say about you? Aside from your new relationships status, a simple gold ring may not communicate much. When a couple commits to spending their lives together, there are a lot of emotions and memories between them that have already been expressed; opinions and preferences that have been shared. Certain wedding traditions will be taken into consideration when planning for your big day, but one that’s constantly being reinterpreted by our generation is the traditional wedding ring. With hundreds of styles, cuts, gems and colors to choose from, (not to mention just as many boutiques and retails to purchase them from) expressing your love with a simple band could seem slightly unimaginative. If you’re beginning to think about what your future wedding bands will look like, consider these options which offer a bit more character and creativity.
December Birthstone Ring via Etsy Shop NIXIN | Black Diamond Ring via Zales | Engraved Ring via Etsy Shop aandlengraving | Twig Wedding Ring with Leaf via Etsy Shop efratdeutsch | Claddagh Knot Band via Gemvara

Wedding Ring Alternatives

Birth Stone

Classic and refined, a ring set with your sweetie’s birth stone allows for inventiveness. Opt for a traditional style with one large, single gem, or work towards the other end of the spectrum with a thick band inlet with smaller colored jewels. If your birth stones work well together, you may even become inspired to incorporate one or both into your wedding’s color scheme. Retailers such as ShopHQ allow you to shop by month, and their birth stone jewelry extends beyond rings so that you might find earrings or a bracelet to match your month’s gem, and also to match your dress.

Sapphire Wedding Ring. Photo by Whiteflash

Black Diamond

Black diamond rings are a surprisingly elegant, definitive twist on the stereotypical diamond ring. Often enhanced by small diamonds, a black diamond set in platinum is sure to make a statement, and may be closer to your fiancé’s personal taste than gold, anyway. Gemvara has a beautiful selection with modest bands and detailed faces for women, but men’s wedding rings are also incredibly handsome with black diamond fillings, which range from muted and dignified to ornate and luxurious.

Gold Wedding Ring with Black Diamonds. Photo by Elizabeth Messina via 100 Layer Cake

Engraved: Words/Symbols

A clear representation of your love might be better communicated with words, and if so, those can also be transposed onto your wedding ring. Select a word or phrase for each other to have engraved onto the inside or outside of your bands for a special relic to gift one another. You might also shop for rings whose face consists of a single word that holds meaning to the both of you, such as “life”, “love”, or “hope”. Symbols or initials can be just as personal: an infinity sign is an emblem which well expresses the start of a new life together, while a simple heart may be the perfect, romantic gesture for your wife-to-be.

Bible verse “1 Corinthians 13: 4-11” Engraved on Ring. Photo by Live View Studios

Fingerprint Engraved Wedding Rings. Photo by Elizabeth & Jane Photography


A special way to commemorate your wedding day is to always carry a souvenir from it with you. If your wedding has a theme which can be translated onto jewelry, it can make for a stunningly unique piece that is personal to just the two of you. If you will be married on the beach, look for rings decorated with a starfish or sand dollar; on a rustic countryside, backyard, or barn, keep an eye out for bands that are designed to look like twigs; and if you’ll be wearing a strand pearls with your dress, a pearl ring set with white diamonds will be a beautiful memory of your promise to each other. Maybe you went all out with a book, movie, or television series theme for your table settings, invitations, and gifts? If that’s the case, finding a handmade ring from Etsy to match your motif should be a cinch!

Hunger Games Arrow Rings via Bridal Guide

Platinum Lego Themed Wedding Ring via A Modular Life


Lastly, selecting a ring that reminds you of a particular place might be just as meaningful as any of the aforementioned ideas. If one of you is very in touch with your culture, or if the two of you were able to travel somewhere exciting and exotic together, a heartfelt choice for rings might be one that you purchase while away – or online once you’re home – that reminds you of this place. Perhaps you find a ring that features the particular colors of your country, a design or metal resonant of a particular time period, jewels native to that geographic region, or even ones handmade by a local there. Whatever your choice, it will come with the distinction of two memories unique to the both of you: of a special time or place you shared, and of your wedding day.

Dark Hawaiian Koa, Grey Maple and African Blackwood wedding Ring by For the Love of Wooden Rings

Wooden Rings. Photo by Elizabeth & Jane Photography

Irish Claddagh Wedding Ring. Photo by Elizabeth & Jane Photography

Does your wedding or engagement ring vary from tradition? Are you shopping for alternatives to the gold band? If so, share your thoughts and findings in the comments below!

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