10 African Wedding Invitations Designed Perfectly!

I know we have talked about Bibi Invitations before  and even gave out a discount code but I just had to revisit this topic/vendor again, because they are that good! Have you googled “African wedding Invitations” before? I’d save you the stress and tell you what majority of your findings would be; Bibi Invitations! So I figured, why not refresh the memory of our African readers with Bibi’s products but also introduce the new designs we have spotted lately?!

Here are 10 African wedding invitations by Bibi that pretty much leaves you with a very wide smile. The drawings are so adorable and if you are from Africa (especially Nigeria – yeah I couldn’t help but throw that in there!), you would probably be able to identify the invitations by country and tribe. Such great work by the Canada based company Bibi Invitations – yay Canada 🙂

1. Country: South Africa

Tribe (Top to Bottom): Sotho & Zulu

Invitation Name (Top to Bottom): Lerato, BekeBeke


2. Country: Nigeria

Tribe (Top to Bottom): Hausa, Delta/Bayelsa, Igbo

Invitation Name (Top to Bottom): Miji, My Yori Yori & Asa Nwa


3. Country: Cameroon

Tribe (Top to Bottom): Bamenda & Bamenda

Invitation Name (Top to Bottom): My Fine Baby & Forever


4. Country: Ghana

Invitation Name (Top to Bottom): Obi Ate Meso Bo, Dadie Anoma & Akoma Da Akoma So


* * * * * *

I am just so in love! Ever since I came back from my vacation in Ghana my love for Kente (The mixed pattern material you see in the Ghanaian invitations) has increased! I am still yet to acquire mine though!

Question of the Day: For the non Africans, just by viewing these invitations, which do you like the most?

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  1. Jennifer | Maven Bride

    These are all so vibrant and pretty! I think my faves are the invitations of Ghana – the colors and patterns are beautifully put together – and I like the whimsy of the ‘hooked’ invitation.


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