African Styled Engagement by Trisha Shelley Photography

When: May 10, 2016 | Where: Arizona | Theme:African, Colorful, Cultural,

As an African myself, I’m all sorts of hyped with today’s session! Lourena and Glenn are channeling some gorgeous African vibes with their engagement session through their clothing and we are loving every bit of it! For their light and airy African styled engagement session, Glenn wore a tunic which according to Lourena, is a common style for men in Mozambique while she designed her own outfit.

The couple met at church. She grew up in Mozambique, Africa while Glenn in the United States. About the time that Lourena moved to the U.S. to attend college, Glenn went on a church mission to northern Africa. When he got home, she was attending his church.

Proposal Story

“We were at a friends house. We were there for a while. When we were about to leave there was a big box outside the door. It had Lourena’s name on it. So our friend and I brought the box into the house. She opened the box, only to find another box. She then opened that box to see another box, and then another box and then another box … there were all sorts of boxes, everything from moving boxes, to a paint bucket, to a McDonald’s happy meal box to Chinese takeout boxes.

The last box was very small. I helped her open it. There was a ring. I knelt on one knee and asked her in Portuguese if she would marry me. And she said yes!!” – Glenn

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Engagement Session Advice

“For your engagement pictures pick a theme that identify both of you. So through the pictures people can see your love and how you guys are.” – Lourena


Photographer:  Trisha Shelley Photography//Other Location: Papago Park//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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