If you’re interested in advertising with KnotsVilla either by purchasing an ad space, having a giveaway, a product feature or a featured vendor post send an email to advertise{at}knotsvilla{dot}com, with the Subject “Advertise”.

How can KnotsVilla be of value to you?

If you are considering advertising with KnotsVilla, I’d assume you know about about this blog, the readers and the editor. So you should know the base is North America since I am mostly globetrotting within this continent! That means, if you are a vendor in North America or even one outside with the hope of reaching North American clients, then KnotsVilla would be happy to be called your home!

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I hope you really find KnotsVilla to be your home, as long as I believe your product would be helpful to my readers, you would receive 100% commitment from me!