Adorable Real Flower Girls On TotsVilla

It’s been crazy busy over here and we are finally getting around to announce the birth of our new blog – TotsVilla. TotsVilla launched last week and we’ve been loving every single part of running it; the baby world is way too cute! To announce the launch of TotsVilla here on KnotsVilla, we figured we’d use a post that ties both blogs together, “weddings” and “kiddies” in this adorable Real Flower Girls post.

The post highlights over 20 of the most adorable Flower Girls we’ve seen at real weddings. These little ones are showing up in the cutest attires – from tutus to saris and every style in between. We absolutely can’t get over how adorable these little ones are!

Adorable Real Flower Girls On TotsVilla

Winter-In-NewYork-themed-wedding- real flower girl

Vanessa Joy Photography via KnotsVilla

See full post of “21 Real Flower Girls We Are Swooning Over” post on TotsVilla

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TotsVilla’s full tagline reads “Red, Brown, Yellow Black & White, All our precious little ones” which is coined from a well known christian song that portrays equality of all races. TotsVilla hopes to provide an online home where every parent, regardless of their child’s race, can find inspiration for things related to the said child.

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