3 Basic Ways to Add Color To Your Engagement Shoot

Have you ever thought about ways to add Color to your Engagement Shoot? Do you sit down and stare at gorgeous fun colorful engagement sessions and wish your’s could be quite as nice? Are you just a stickler for color like me and would jump at anything to sprinkle bold and character-filled colors over anything you found yourself with? Then this post is perfect for you as you plan your engagement shoot with your photographer.

As you know, Knotsvilla lives for beautiful, love-filled and color-filled photos! We agree color always makes things come alive so this post seemed to be crucial for our future brides and grooms who have the same belief as we do; that color makes the world go round!

Add Color to Your Enagement Shoot

Photo from Colorful Beach-side Engagement session by All My Love Photography

When a couple starts to aim for a colorful engagement shoot one of the first questions to be asked is “How Colorful?”. By this I mean, getting to agree if you are thinking 2 colors, 3 colors, 4 colors or a whole lot more. This question would help decide how much of these 3 basic ways to work with and how to balance them all out without making a mess of it all.

Here are the 3 most basic ways to add color to your engagement shoot.

1. Location: Your location always almost always sets the tone for your engagement shoots. Whether it’s an outdoor location or an indoor one, you should pay very detailed attention to how you pick out your location. In most cases, the photographer would have an idea but this is not always the case so depending on how colorful you want your location, you would have to do some scouting yourself.

To make things easier think of walls – colorful walls. Rather than searching for a whole location full of colors, look for a bright colored wall to serve as a backdrop. Stay away from basic colors such as Black, White, Grey or Navy Blue and find walls that are more color popping – Yellow, Red, Pink or a mix of all of them like a Grafitti Wall!


Colorful wall photo from New York City Engagement session by Origin Photos


Pink wall photo from Mountain Bike Engagement session by M.Houser Photography

2. Clothing: Another way to add color to your engagement shoot would be in the selection of clothing for the shoot. If there are specific colors you want your for your whole shoot, it goes without saying that you should select your clothing (Tops, skirts, dresses and shoes) accordingly.

With clothing and being colorful, I would suggest wearing two pieces instead of one, which means a top and a skirt would most likely be a better option that a dress because the two pieces makes room for more colors. However if the colors are seeming a little too much because both you and your groom are wearing two pieces, you could always balance things out by one person opting to wear only one piece.

If both parties would rather wear two pieces but still want a better color balance, 1 of the pieces (either the top or pants/skirt) can take on a basic color like black, white or nude, while the other piece is at liberty to go all out with a more popping color.

With clothing, the couple should stay away from most pattern clothing because the some pattern clothing might reduce the “colorful” effect of the whole look. Should you insist on wearing a pattern outfit, make sure it goes well with the other party’s clothing and also that it is still colorful enough to make your photos convey your love/theme of color.

Alberta-Canada-vintage-engagement-winter Alberta-Canada-vintage-engagement-writing-love-letters

Bold Floral Print Dress. Photos from Alberta Vintage Engagement Session by Kim Payant Photography


Colorful Dress for the Bride


Yellow dress with 2 colored necktie. Photos from UP inspired Engagement session by Delighted Images

3. Props: Lastly is the addition of Props! Apart from colorful events, here on Knotsvilla we also adore prop-ful ones. If your wall is plain and your clothing not as colorful as you’d want, another way is to consider the props on set.

The options of props are almost endless (see 10 options HERE), they can range from balloons, to chalk board signs, parasols, garlands, etc., all depending on the theme you choose. The key is to remember to make these props colorful but also keep them along the lines of your specific theme.

For example, a regular chalkboard sign is black and white, but the boarder can be changed to Pink for a more colorful effect. Another common example are the garlands, consider the letters a way to add color to them.


Chalkboard sign from Black and Pink Wedding by Ashley Brooke Photography


Photo from Christmas themed Engagement session by Rising Lotus Photography

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