KnotsVilla (previously known as Everything Weddings And More), founded September 2nd 2012 with the sole purpose of helping Brides with Inspiration and Education for a smooth wedding planning process. Established by the editor, Gee, just a few months after she planned her own wedding and decided to give back to the community in a way she knows best; Blogging!

KnotsVilla is here to bring you as much as it can about the Wedding Industry. This blog hopes to bring you the latest trends, news, inspiration and more with words and pictures. The goal is to keep you informed about the fast growing Wedding industry and offer help to anyone who may be planning or just searching for more information/ideas.

While this blog main goal is towards the Bride and her Groom, KnotsVilla is also passionate about highlighting great wedding vendors and connecting them with potential clients. In the perfect world, KnotsVilla would be the place where the Bride and Groom learn how to visualize their wedding, plan it, and also connect with the Vendors of their dreams!

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