A Wedding Look; Red, White & Silver (For Only $1550.00)

Hahaha! But of course a girl is allowed to dream and dream Big isn’t she?! I bet you had your nose in the air when you saw “for only $1550.00”? That was the point. Come and join the dreaming party over here for the time we can boldly grab this look and not soak Garri after (in fact by faith I say the time is here!). For those of you can grab it right now and not shake, please remember I am your friend; just keep that in mind 🙂

On a serious note though, isn’t this look just a great block of chic-ness on all levels? I would gladly wear this to a wedding, rehearsal dinner, and just other classy events that I would be invited to when Gee becomes a brand name, hahaha!

Let’s spend some $$$ ladies!

Price of Whole look: $1550.00

ALDO silver handbag
$50 aldoshoes.com

$175 sikarajewelry.com

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