A Wedding Look: Blue and Silver by Venoma

I am so excited to finally reveal something new to you all today! Everyone knows I’m a blogger at heart, honestly I am first a blogger before a Wedding blogger (did I just make sense? I hope so!). So I am always on the move to meet knew bloggers, writers or even readers and do something fun with them. And that was the idea that birthed this twist to the Wedding look series. So what is different about this? The fact that I am setting aside the models and using real people – real fashion/style bloggers! 
I am beginning this with this darling all the way from Serbia! Please welcome Venoma in her Wedding look. I asked her for what she would wear to a wedding and as a lover of fashion you can imagine she spoiled me with choices. Finally I settled for this look, that H&M flapper dress just flatters her perfectly!
Details: Dress: H&M | Shoes: Novecento | Necklace: Bellast (here) | Bracelet: Gofavor.com | Ring: Accessorize
Enjoy more of Venoma in her Wedding Look below.

About Venoma: Venoma  is a 23 year old redhead from Belgrade who blogs at Venoma’s fashion Diary. When she is not studying economics, she enjoys different arts that help her express her self: photography, fashion, styling, dancing and writing. She can’t imagine her day without coffee, sweets, internet and people she loves. Venoma follows fashion after her own freaky style. 
Are you a fashion lover, blogger or and Ewam reader and would love to show  your Wedding Look? I am all eyes just send them my way so I can share. 

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