A "something old" Wedding Dress?

Something old, something new
Something borrowed, something blue
And a silver sixpence in her shoe.

It’s been a long (dated far as the Victorian Era) carried and “observed” tradition when it comes to weddings; the something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. When we hear the word “tradition“, we can’t all help but think of something that goes far back in time and that may just be the reason why among all of these, the “something old” stands out most because it usually comes from the older generations and therefore carries the most sentiments for the bride and the person giving out the something old item. They range from jewelry, to shoes, or even to a full attire.

Today most brides would rather play safe and not go with a “something old” wedding dress because let’s be frank; some of us may not have entirely warmed up to the style of back then. However the few courageous ones who do, most of the times make a huge statement in those dresses. Wearing your mother’s wedding dress or that of your grand ma can be a great touch to your day and at the same time a sentimentally overwhelming idea. Sometimes its also adds to your theme if its in anyway related to a Vintage Style, so for brides with very themed weddings, this could just be a win-win!

Some brides can either wear the whole dress, alter it or use pieces of it on a newer dress. Whichever way it is worn, it always touches a soft spot to the women involved with the dress. Meet these brides and see the different ways the incorporated a something old tradition to their wedding with their dresses. They may just convince you to give this idea a shot. Hopefully they inspire you to question the women in your family line about their wedding dresses, they may just be hidden treasures in disguise!!


Yolanda inherited her groom’s Grandmother’s wedding dress. She carefully had the dress altered to fit her perfectly and added new layers of lace and tulle to bring the dress back to life and making it her own.

Photos by Cari Eksteen

Photos by Cari Eksteen
Photos by Cari Eksteen


Jenny’s lovely gown was custom-made at L’ezu Atelier in Beverly Hills. The rosette on the neckline and lace along the back of the dress were salvaged from her mother’s wedding gown.

I did find a very interesting piece showing a bride who wore a dress her mother and grandmother both wore. A wedding dress of three generations! To see that coverage click here.

Would you wear a something old dress?

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