A Love Story across Oceans; Moses and Tasha

Well if you have been keeping up with this blog, you would know for the most part the posts are either sectioned as a proposal story or a wedding feature when it comes to real couples.

…But this is different.
For the very first time I am making a full post on just “A story”; a Love Story.
I got this submission for the Real weddings section but when I saw the pictures and read the story I was confused how such awesomeness could fit into one post! So my solution was to split it 🙂

Here is the Love story of Moses and Tasha and just one of the many gorgeous photos by Ike and Tasha Photography to wet your appetite for the actual wedding feature. Enjoy!

By the Bride

We met in Bloemfontein, South Africa in October of 2009 at a leadership dinner after a service at a church we both attended. He captivated me. His presence was so powerful and his quiet confidence was like a magnet to my soul. That night we met briefly where I mentioned my interest in getting involved in the University he was the current president at. He invited me to coffee and one week later, we met for a chat over coffee that turned into a 6 hour meeting that would change both our lives forever.

We were like oceans colliding the two of us. Inseparable and bewildered while learning how the two of us, from two opposing worlds could unite with such force. We faced every ignorant comment, stare, and downright spitefulness with unity and a sense of humor that we both agree is the best way to keep life fun.

After 1.5 years of dating in Bloemfontein, it was time for me to move home. Moses came with me and spent Christmas 2010 with my family. In April, 2011 I flew back to visit him and it is there we got engaged.

I landed in Bloem on that sunny April day and Moses took me to look for rings shortly after I landed. After 9 stores I found a ring I loved! He looked disappointed or something and wrote it off as me giving in (or something!). The following day I told him I had an awful dream of him proposing in a CLOWN suit to which he then kindly told me not to get my hopes up, he wasn’t proposing on this trip—it would have soon enough though. I wasn’t disappointed, I really wasn’t in any rush. We had to figure out what continent to live on before we could plan a wedding together anyway!!

The week went by perfectly and on a warm April Wednesday night after dinner and a movie, we walked the University campus where it all began. He told stories of all of our “firsts” and we laughed at how far we had come! While standing under a blanket of stars with only the crickets and birds as our companions, Moses prayed over our union and declared that Jesus would always be the center. As he whispered amen, I opened my tearful eyes to find my man, on one knee.

It couldn’t be any more dreamy as he opened the box that held the ring I had picked only days before. After hugs and spins I asked when he got the ring, he explained he had purchased that very ring weeks before my arrival! Talk about a fairy tale.

Returning home was hard but planning a wedding was exciting and busy! Through numerous visa challenges, my groom finally arrived to the states only 3 weeks before our wedding! We were married in Seattle, Washington with my parents, his beautiful mother, and two thousand other witnesses

By the Groom

I asked for her hand in marriage in the heart of night. She had once again, crossed oceans to come beam her powerful presence on me. I asked for her heart in friendship beneath an audience of the stars in heaven. Tears strolled down her cheeks as her smile tore through my heart, ‘Yes’ she whispered. It dawned on me that we had just taken an incredible leap into a life-time. 

Our journey began with a young girl’s search for a world far from the familiar; she sought an unknown world to open the pages of her destiny. I saw her flame and knew from the first inquisition that here lay a long path. She’d be quick to tell you I held her hand the first time we hung out, and I’ll maintain I held it because she was walking awkwardly…I knew though. We both knew.

With her brave, daring courage she’d spend the next year introducing me to my own country. She took me from the Big Hole in Kimberly, to the friendly wind of Port Elizabeth, and rekindled my dream to conquer Johannesburg. With ease she transcended the oceans, and she reconciled two worlds by her need to jam constantly.

On April 23, 2011 I asked Tasha Suzanne Treat to take a walk with me, we would together be blown away by God’s creative power and endless grace *Mohau wa Modimo ke Koetsa*.

Now you can see what I mean right?
Keep your eyes fixed on this blog…A beautiful wedding is coming your way!

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