A Heart Bandits Proposal Story by California Wedding Photographer ChloeMoore


So happy to bring you something different. You see on EWAM we have had Wedding Features, Engagement Sessions and Proposal stories shared however this is the very first Proposal Shoot we have and thanks to the Heart Bandits and of course EWAM’s very own ChloeMoore Photography!

According to the itinerary received, the proposal spanned a whole day! The couple were having a picnic at the Torrance Beach, CA and unknown to them Chloe, the photographer was discretely taking shots. At this point the Heart Bandits were setting up and once everything was good to go, Henry suggested they both take a walk and the two “stumbled” on a band performing while Chloe just posed as a photographer of the band’s performance. The band picked up “Ho Hey” by the Lumineers as their next song and moments into the song, the audience began to get up one at a time handing Yasmine a card. After the last member handed her a card, Henry popped the question!

..And she said Yes!

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