A Charleston Maryland Outdoor Wedding by Ashley Reherman

Laurie and Joe

Their Story: Joe and I met ten years ago when we were 16 and 17, both waiters at a local buffet. We started dating my senior year and Joe was my senior prom date. We attended the same university, graduated, and landed our first grown up jobs. Soon we decided to move in together in an apartment and a year later in 2011, we decided to build a home. On January 7, 2012, We moved in to the new place and spent a long day moving boxes and furniture with help from our friends and family. After everyone had left, I wanted to take a hot shower to relax. When I was done, I came into our new bedroom and saw Joe laying on the bed, and I said, “What are you doing? Going to bed already?”. Joe had a goofy strange look on his face and as I came closer into the room, I saw a little burgundy ring box on my pillow on the side of my bed. I hopped on the bed, took the box in my hands, and said “Is this for real!?” Then I opened the box and Joe asked me to be his wife! Then it was a whirlwind of calling family and texting our friends. Written by the Bride.
Name of Couple: Laurie and Joe Domiano
Wedding Date: October 13, 2012
Reception Venue: The Wellwood Pavilion
Wedding Theme: Autumn Outdoor Cozy
Wedding Dress(es) Designer: David’s Bridal
Wedding Shoes Designer: David’s Bridal
Wedding Planner: None
Make-Up: Marisa Graham
Hair Stylist: Marisa Graham & Meghan Beitler

Photographer Review by Laurie: 

Ashley from Ashley Reherman Photography was awesome! She is professional, friendly, and very kind. She is open to your ideas and is very quick to communicate. She is a small business owner, a mother, and is working hard while her husband is over seas with the U.S military. She is down to earth and she just captures the best moments! She tries to capture the sweet unposed moments and blends in with the crowd easily, without being overwhelming like some photographers are. She did our engagement photos also and I am so thankful she was “gifted” to us from my husband’s aunt.
“Marisa Graham, Hair and Make up, is my husband’s cousin and very close to me. She has been doing my hair for the past five years and has always treated me as part of the family. I am so grateful for her for doing my hair and all the girls make up, because she was a bridesmaid too! She was a busy bee the morning of my wedding! She is very talented and efficient, she took the time to go through a hair and make up trial with me and even took photos so she could remember everything. She enlisted her friend and fellow hair stylist, Meghan Beitler, to travel to my home for the day of and work on all the bridesmaid’s and my mother’s hair. Meghan was funny, great to get along with, and also very talented. She gave them all beautiful and different hairstyles. She was very timely and brought her A game that day!”- Laurie
“My favorite wedding moment was when the photographers grabbed us to come outside around sunset for a few photos, just by ourselves. During this time I was able to reconnect with my brand new husband and share a few whispers about the wedding day so far. Towards the end of our photo shoot, we were ambushed by my husband’s buddies and the session ended with some laughs & goofy photos of them holding him up as he was “planking.”- Laurie
“My favorite planning moment was tasting cakes and choosing the design for it with Joe and my mother. Bing’s Bakery was so quick to identify exactly what I wanted, she made a quick sketch for me and everything, and the finished product the day of was beautiful. We had a three tier cake with three flavors: Red Velvet, Chocolate Cake with Strawberry whip and Chocolate Mousse, and finally vanilla cake with a lemon icing. What can I say, I love something sweet!”- Laurie

The Planning Journey by the Bride
Planning my wedding was one of the most exciting and exhausting ten months of my life so far! I experienced tears of love, happiness, and frustration, but it was well worth it! I wanted my wedding to be cozy and intimate, but also modern. We decided to get married in October for the beautiful weather and autumnal colors. We started with a date, 10/13/2012, a guest count, 100, and from then I was busy busy busy. I researched using sites like WeddingWirebrides.com, Pinterest, and “Bridal Bibles” like magazines for ideas. I made inspiration boards with the colors deep purple and pumpkin orange, pictures of mums, Gerber daisies, roses, and butter cream simple square cakes.
“For our afternoon tented reception, I wanted clever, sweet, and simple things to make people feel welcome, we had mini jack pumpkins as place cards, lucky in love scratch off tickets for favors, send off sparklers, and a stomach warming buffet with open bar.”
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