8 Wedding Colors for Single Colored Weddings

Hi lovers! I’d be honest, this is about the most random post I have ever come up with. It pretty much started with two nights on knotsvilla’s instagram where I was in the mood for something different. So I decided to do a board with just a single color/theme, then that became 8 different boards within a span of 1 hour! The feedback from the instagram followers was overwhelming (I have also noticed that most of knotsvilla’s instagram are night crawlers, so active at night!) so I thought I’d refine the boards and share them on the blog today. Yeah, posts like these are the only reason you can catch me blogging twice a day – and on a weekend!

Many times people love to mix colors, for example Peach and Green, Peach and Mint, Gold and Blue, Gold and Red and the list goes on. These are great and pretty but I have figured people no longer believe you can keep to just one color – but you can. From this post, you can be inspired with 4-5 ideas of where to add the single color, where to mix with different shades of the single color and where to just leave it plain (by plain, I mean the use of what I call the “color-less” colors like the whites or neutrals).


Pastel weddings seem to be almost every one’s favorite these days. They are soft, fresh, feminine and translate into a soothing atmosphere for any wedding. With this as a single color, these 4 ideas can easily bring your pastel wedding to life: The bridesmaids Dresses, The Flowers used on the couple’s chairs, the choice of dessert/candy on the “sweet table” and the flowers on the aisle.

Credits for Pastel Pink Wedding: Bridesmaids in pink photo by Julie Mikos via Wedding Chicks | Pink roses flower wreath on Chair photo by Dasha Caffrey Photography via Bridal Musings | “Love is sweet” photo by LH Photography via Burnetts Boards | Pink floral wedding aisle photo via Colin Cowie Weddings 


With Tiffany Blue as a single color the secondary base color used here is white. People can easily call this a “Tiffany Blue & White wedding” but since I don’t consider white as a color 🙂 I’d say this is a Tiffany Blue wedding. Here are 5 ideas to help you visualize a Tiffany Blue wedding: The bridesmaids Dresses, The Bride’s shoes (how is that for your “something blue” too?), Dessert – Macaroons, Wedding sign boards, and the most loved Tiffany Blue gift card box!

Credits for Tiffany Blue Wedding: Blue shoes photo by Stewart Leishman via SMP | Tiffany blue bridesmaids photo by Chris Joriann Photography via Weddings Illustrated | Blue macaroons via HGTV | Wedding Chalkboard sign by RevivedVintage | Tiffany Blue Gift Box via Colin Cowie Weddings


With Gold, the lighter it is, the more color-less it is. But when it is more of shimmer and glitter, then that brings on a completely different look which is more obvious. With this as a single color, your gold/glitter/shimmer wedding could be easily put together with these 4 ideas; Gold shoes for the bride (or just the shimmer-filled heels), The bride’s hanger, vase for the centerpieces (remember to keep away from too bold colors for the flowers) and the escort cards.

Credits for Gold Wedding: Sequin Bridal Shoes Photo by Jenny Moloney Photography via SMP | Sequin Glitter hanger via Etsy | Gold Vase by Photo by Landon Jacob Photography via Southern Weddings | Gold Glitter escort cards photo by Starfish Studios via Bridal Bar


Yellow weddings are interesting, depending on the shade they could be loud or subtle. This board is definitely more on the loud Yellow side and instead of a “soothing” atmosphere, I think it brings a playful and happy one. These 4 ideas can easily bring your happy yellow wedding to life: The bride’s flowers (since her dress is white, that creates the perfect contrast for the flowers to be noticed), The hanging lanterns if you are having a tent wedding, the flowers on the centerpieces (with table-cloth white/neutral for it to stand out), and bridesmaids dresses in yellow. For the bridesmaids in yellow, here are ways to style your yellow bridesmaids.

Credits for Yellow Wedding: Yellow wedding bouquet photo by Jennifer Rau via 100 Layer Cake | Hanging Lanterns photo by Hanging Lantern company via Boho Weddings | Yellow flower in jar photo by flutter glass Photography via SMP | Bridesmaids Photo by Gabriel Boone via Bridal Hood


Anyone that knows me knows I have a thing for purple. Though this is a much deeper purple, I can’t help but be biased about this board either way. This board also gives the sense of a fall wedding (especially seeing the leaf on the top right photo) but still without the orange. On this board we see multiple shades of purple and white as the other colors used which helps us visualize this board as a single color purple wedding board. Here are the ideas for this; The bridesmaids Dresses, the aisle flowers on the chairs, the floral arch/chuppah with deep purple flowers, the napkins against your white plates, Purple ombre cake (shades of purple mixed with white at the top), and purple leaves in paper cones – great for couple’s exit.

Credits for Purple Wedding: Couple in wedding ceremony photo by Forever Photography Studio via SMP | Place setting with Purple napkin photo via iVillage | Purple leaves in paper cones photo by Angel Canary Photography via Bridal Guide | Ombre Cake photo by Brandon Kidd Photography via Wedding Window


Is it just me or are Red weddings rare? This board makes me crave to see more red weddings which now I think of, I see more of during the Christmas or the Valentines period. The color red has always been known to be a poppy/bossy/bold kind of color and the fact that one of the most craved shoes for women comes with red soles doesn’t make that any better 🙂 These 4 ideas should bring your Red wedding to life: The flowers for bouquet and centerpieces (since Red flowers – roses, are always in season, that should be an easy one), The famous red sole shoes, or completely red shoes, and the yummiest of them all – the red velvet cake!

Credits for Red Wedding: Red Bridal Bouquet photo by Eric Laurits via GWS | Bride with Red soles photo by Corbin Gurkin Photography via SMP | Red single flower centerpiece via SMP | Red velvet cake photo via Broma Bakery


For the royal blue wedding, I always tread carefully with this one, unlike Navy blue. Royal Blue is another strong color that I feel struggles to mix with other colors so I prefer it always as a single color for the wedding. Here are 4 ideas for your Royal Blue wedding to life; The wedding Cake with white to tone it down a bit (well except an all blue cake is appealing to you), the men with royal blue ties, the brides something blue and her shoes and blue bottles as the centerpiece holders.

Credits for Blue Wedding: Wedding cake by Ben The Cake Man | Groom in Blue tie via VK | Centerpieces bottles via Wedding Pins | Blue Wedding Shoes photo by Robin Nathan Photography via the Knot


Okay I had to end this post with a very fun one! This is the pink may people think is too “girly”, the pink some men would swear never to wear, but can we agree this is a very fun and vibrant color? It’s playful just like the yellow but with some “sassy” vibe to it. But then again, I may be totally biased because the bride is rocking those lips so perfectly!

The only thing I would change on this board to give you the single color hot pink wedding look, would be the bridesmaids dress. Changing the navy blue dress to something more neutral like light gold, light brown, beige, or plain white, would be able to get the focus back on the hot Pink as the single color for the wedding. These ideas can easily bring your hot Pink wedding to reality; Pink roses for the bouquet, pink shoes, pink lips (if you can pull it off of course), and a pink wedding cakes.

Credits for Hot Pink (Fuchsia) Wedding: Bridesmaids with Bouquet and shoes, photo by Kristin Vining via SMP | Pink Ombre wedding cake photo by Jessica Hill Photography via the Knot | Cup cake Photo via Genuine Cupcakes | Girl with Pink lips Photo by Birds of A Feather

* * * * *

Hope you enjoyed this very colorful impromptu post, thanks to instagram for this awesome inspiration. Hope you all come and just the fun on Knotsvilla’s instagram!

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