8 Things to Remember on the Wedding Day [Guest Post]

I have selected 8 of the many tips blogger Hayley stays sharing on her blog and mostly on our Facebook group. Sometimes under the wedding umbrella or pressure, brides can forget the random-est things ever. So Hayley has put together these tips to keep in mind (or ask someone to keep in mind for you), they are those tiny bits that could be very forgettable, so grab your pens, paper or just bookmark this page right now.

1. Legal: Put your marriage license (and pre-cana certificate) in your shoe box – you need them both to walk down the aisle.

2. Extra Invitation: Put an invite in with your shoe box. The photographer and you will like to have pictures of your rings on it. 

3. Hangers: If you did not buy/make one of those personalized hangers, at least pack a Nice Wooden hanger. Don’t use that white plastic hanger for your dress pictures.

4. Lighter & Bottle Opener: Remember a lighter (for unity candle) or a bottle opener (wine ceremony). 
5. Be Refreshed: Remember to eat during the day before the ceremony. Eat Breakfast and have some finger food snacks that won’t get you messy for before/in between pictures.

6. Straw: Have a straw for drinking so you don’t mess up your lips. 

7. Food to go: Ask the venue to pack up a few pieces of cake (appetizers) for you to take back to the hotel room for a midnight snack. You might be walking around and socializing and not notice when the cake is on the head table – if you don’t eat it right away they just clean up and take it away.

8. Style & Comfort: Bring some comfortable shoes (platform flip flops) that are the same height as heels. Or even some beat up heels in your closet if they are the same or 1 inch shorter than your wedding heels. If your back up shoes are a LOT shorter than your wedding heels, you will step on the front of your dress while walking and will rip your dress or trip yourself.


About Hayley: She is a stay at home mother of two and misses going out in the world and helping people. So blogging is her way to help anyone that might be looking for ideas, projects, and tips about weddings. Hayley began gathering all this knowledge while helping a friend plan her wedding and continued to help other brides make their weddings beautiful on a budget. Hayley Blogs at Hayley’s Wedding Tips 101.

Thanks to  IQphoto for these buffering pics of Hope & Ryan’s destination wedding submitted via Two Bright Lights

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