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On your wedding day, you will get all kinds of cards filled with warm wishes and well deserved congrats! And because they are coming from your wedding guests, they’ll more than likely be from all your most favorite people.

So, it almost seems a waste for couples to throw all those happy thoughts away…but what else can you do with them? Well, I’m so glad you asked! Below are 6 ways this pretty lady has discovered for you to get more bang for your wedding card buck and make a unique wedding keepsake you’ll treasure for years 🙂

1. Place them in a Personalized Memories Box.

This is one of my personal favorites. If you know anyone who is even semi-wood savvy, they can help you in creating a one of a kind box for your one of a kind cards or you can purchase a unique keepsake box. I’ve known couple who will then, keep it as a time capsule, and open it on their anniversary. Very fun. Very sentimental and very much treasured.

Photo via Marilyn Keepsakes

2. Create a Booklet or Scrapbook Journal.

Talk about an amazing idea! Every girl – no matter how DIY inept she feels – can at least admit to being able to scrapbook! It can be as complicated or simple as you want, and will easily keep your well wishes well organized for “all the days of your life.” Oh yeah, I took it there! There are even Storycatching Kits you can buy to help you create your wedding keepsake.

Photo via The Art of Simple

3. Scan them into your computer and create a Photo Book.

For the more tech savvy bride, scanning your cards into a digital scrapbook is a great way to keep your memories stored. (pun intended) Not only are they easily saved to a hard or separate flash drive but you can now create an organized wedding card photo book through printers such as Shutterfly.

Photo via Cool Critique

4. Repurpose them into Tags or Thank You Cards.

My mom absolutely loves doing this with her Christmas cards. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but it’s also a fun way to decorate a package. And, for the ultra-organized bride, it would be really incredible to keep the cards alphabetized, and the next time said friend or family member needs a card, repurpose theirs and send it back. It’ll be a gift that is both unique and thoughtful 🙂

Photo via Sweet Tooth Blog by Shauna Yonge

5. Don’t have anywhere else to go? Donate ‘em!

You heard me right, kids. Places like St. Jude’s Ranch have created Recycled Paper Programs that help to benefit others. According to their website, “St. Jude’s Ranch for Children recycles your used greeting cards and creates new holiday and all-occasion greeting cards. Recycled cards are sold to support our programs and services for abused, neglected and homeless children, young adults and families.”

Photo via Somerset Waste Partnership

6. DIY Wedding Card Collage.

Okay, I have to admit, at first I was like, “whhhhaaa?” But the minute I started googling images and came across wreaths and bouquets and paper mache displays, I was sold. The possibilities are limitless, and the only barrier is your imagination. So, go ahead and get creating!

Photo via The Domesticated Diva Blog

About the Author:
Amy Furrow is the owner of Marilyn’s Keepsakes an online wedding accessory and personalized gift boutique. She enjoys helping brides create their dream wedding by offering a one-stop shop for all their wedding day must-haves. From aisle runners and sand ceremony kits to wedding favors and champagne flutes, Marilyn’s Keepsakes has many styles and themes to choose from. Best of all? They offer FREE personalization.

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