50s Engagement Session by Chloe Buie Photography

Yay, we have another Canada (Alberta) based shoot with a vintage theme going on! Being on KV, you know we love a good themed event. Today’s 50s Engagement session by Chloe Buie Photography warms my heart oh-so well!

With Jacob and Brandy knowing exactly what they wanted, Chloe set out to find the perfect location for their 50s Engagement session vision and her tiny town of Stettler delivered! It was suggested that Chloe head to their local museum to start. They didn’t end the fun there, they did some running around town finding other picturesque spots like their little movie theater and local ice-cream shop which are very 50s!

50s-engagement-session-alberta 50s-engagement-session-red-love 50s Engagement Session Chloe B 50s-engagement-session-red-house 50s-engagement-session-ice-cream 50s-engagement-session-laughs

About the Couple & Proposal – By the Groom

“Brandy Hoffart is my bride to be and we met when we were 12 years old. Her initial reaction at the time was to run away from me, haha. I moved to Castor, Alberta when I was in grade 6 so I was the new kid in a school of maybe 100 students. We did eventually become very close friends in junior high and up to high school.

Keeping in contact after we had both graduated, she took off for Australia and I off to Europe. She spent a little over three years down there living an awesome life working on dairy farms, managing restaurants, even putting in some time in at a mine! I stayed in Europe for about six months back packing around England, France, and Holland. Once we had both returned to Alberta we started talking more and more until eventually we were talking on the phone for hours every night.

We eventually moved in together and the following year we were so happy to welcome our son Parker into our lives. I proposed to Brandy on the Christmas after Parker was born, attempting my hand at sappy poetry and trying not to faint from the nerves.

Since then we have made a strong and loving life together and last year we had our beautiful daughter Charlie. She is an amazing mother, partner in crime, and woman. Her confidence and independence that she radiates has made me into a better person. She is kind and loving but not afraid to tell it how it is, which is one of my most favourite things about her.” – Jacob

50s-engagement-session-bw-diner 50s-engagement-session-bw-kiss 50s-engagement-session-notebook 50s-engagement-session-crossroads-love 50s-engagement-session-crossroads 50s-engagement-session-knotsvilla

Marital Advice

“Love your spouse for who they are. Learn and grow from them. Most of all laugh! We laugh all the time! Make each other laugh and never stop communicating! Honestly is also key!” – Jacob


Photographer: Chloe Buie Photography// Other: Blame Betty Clothing Shoes & Accessories for the rest of us.// Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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