5 Types of Wedding Guests We All Don’t LIKE

Today laziness has gotten the best of me, so I won’t be writing much on this topic. Instead here’s a video to watch about the 5 kinds of wedding guests ain’t nobody got time for.

1. The Guest who won’t RSVP: you don’t have to be a type A bride for these kind of guests to make your skin crawl. Because everyone who has planned a wedding with caterers who charge per head, know the importance of having an accurate head count.

2. The Guest who complains about everything – these kind of guests seem to think every wedding is in competition to theirs. They complain about irrelevant things such as color combinations, decor, music, food, Every. Darn. Thing!! I have one question for these people, is it your wedding?

3. The Guest who won’t adhere the dress code – While some dress codes can be a tad unreasonable, most are not. If a couple have chose to spell out the dress code in the wedding invitations, our their website, the least you can do is show up and adhere to it. Showing up in jeans and flip flops to a black tie wedding is not cute at all.

4. The Guest who won’t give a gift – and they are the most turnt up at the wedding! So much goes into planning a wedding and while we are not aiming that a couple recoup the expenses for the wedding, it’s a simple and nice gesture to show up with a gift. This is not a game night, it’s a whole wedding, and a gift is a form of well wishes for the couple’s future and also an appreciation from you for all the work they went through to accommodate their wedding guests – you.

5. The Guest who shows up in a white ball gown – stop it, just stop it!

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  1. Suzanne

    I’ve got to say, I’m already getting anxiety about Guest #1… those that don’t RSVP… If I don’t get your RSVP by the due date – then you better not show up! No surprises honey… 😉


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