5 Tips on how to give a Great Wedding Speech

Yes, you may be great at public speaking or like me, the type that shies away from stuff like that. Whichever one these tips for a great wedding speech might come helpful. All these points have been inspired by the great and terrible speeches I’ve heard (Is this a bad thing to say?). Of course there may be more, so feel free to add some tips you may have learned over the years of giving or listening to toasts.


1. Be Ready: I don’t know how to expand on this point other than the point itself “Be Ready.” Don’t show up at the wedding thinking you can freestyle that speech regardless of how good (or bad) you think you are with speeches. I don’t mean write a recital or anything but at least have pointers. This would give you a structure for your speech and that way it flows for you, the couple and the guests.

Photo by Ashley Reherman Photography from Laurie and Joe’s Wedding

2. Be Honest: Yes I’d stand by the “Honesty is the best policy” line here. No need to fabricate stories just to get a crowd laughing or engaged. The couple have given you the microphone because they trust you and even though they may not ALWAYS remember your speech, if they do, try to make them remember that it was a true one. Most times a heartfelt and honest speech does a better job; for you, the couple and sometimes the guests.

Photo by Ike and Tash Photography from Moses and Tasha’s Wedding

3. Keep It Short: Most times the guests are eating, other times they are about to begin eating; don’t keep them waiting for too long because you feel your speech should average 7-10 minutes; I believe 3-5 minutes is just fine in most cases. Keep it short and straight to the point. The shorter it is, the higher the chances the listeners would remember and understand it. A memorable speech does not have to be a lengthy one.

Photo by Wani Olatunde Photography from Isiwat and Wale’s Wedding

4. Don’t force it: Not all of us are gifted to crack ribs with our speeches. If you are like me (the un gifted) don’t force it. Speeches don’t have to be funny to be perfect. As a matter of fact, it can be awkward when forced and of course we all hate that awkward silence.

Photo by Alakija Studios from Orode and Ryan’s Wedding

5. Smile: The cameras are clicking away! Now you are all set for a great speech, remember to smile. Smile at every opportunity you get while giving that speech; not a fake and awkward smile but a real one. It would not hurt to give an amazing speech accompanied with an amazing photo to remember it with. Most of the time after a wonderful speech, the couple would love to hang on to a shot of that moment especially if they really loved what you said, so try to smile and let them (and you) remember your speech with a great shot.

Look at the lady below, I call it the perfect Speech photo!

Photo by Ike and Tash Photography from Moses and Tasha’s Wedding

Now go “Click” away or should I say “Speech” away! Of course I’d love to hear your tips too, add them all in the comment section.

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  1. Mrs. Pancakes

    All awesome tips. Our MOH and BM had the best speeches and it was so touching I cried laughed and was genuinely moved!

  2. Sukey at Dress for the Wedding

    Wonderful tips! All of our groomsmen made speeches, and the best ones were those that “didn’t force it” and just said a few true words!


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