5 Funny Valentine’s Day Cards – Editor’s Etsy Picks

So I can not help but spread some Valentine’s day cheer on the blog as the love holiday gets closer. While I was loving on one of my favorite stores – Etsy , with Valentine’s day fast approaching, it was pretty easy to spot many valentines day themed products.

However one that quickly caught my attention were the Valentine’s day cards. After looking at a few and cracking up at their words, I just had to share the humor.

Ps: Knotsvilla is an Etsy Affiliate. So KV gets compensated when purchases are made through the links.

Here is another Editor’s Etsy Picks featuring these 5 Funny Valentine’s Day Cards.

1. Card: Hot Date For Life

Esty Store: Grim And Paper

Funny Valentine's Day Cards-hot-date-for-life2. Card: Math Abilities

Etsy Store: Creatively Content

Funny Valentine's Day Cards-maths

3. Card: Climbing Moderately Sized Mountain

Etsy Store: Post Love Designs

Funny Valentine's Day Cards-mountain

4. Card: When I Don’t Shave my Legs

Etsy Store: Sioux Alice

Funny Valentines Day Cards-shaving-legs

5. Card: Everything Bagel

Etsy Store: Fish + Cake Design

Funny Valentines Day Cards-everything-bagel

It’s almost the weekend, enjoy a laugh while we wait!

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