5 Creative Wedding Invitations – Editor’s Etsy Picks

Here’s what’s making my heart melt on Etsy lately; these creative wedding invitations! I’d confess, I never gave invitations much thought when I planned my wedding 2 years ago and that is one thing I would change if I could.

Yes, wedding invitations surely set the tone of a wedding, it let’s your guests have an idea of the feel of your wedding but also helps you stay on course (theme/style) as the planning goes further. I can think of so many reasons why your wedding invitation style should not be overlooked, but for today, I’d just show you why; these selections found on Etsy are pretty awesome and very creative!

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Here are 5 Creative Wedding Invitations from Etsy that should inspire you this 2015!

1♥ Love Illustrated

creative-wedding-invitations-etsy-illustrationsPrintable Wedding Invitation Suite for the whimsical, rustic couple. Etsy store: PrintableWisdom

2♥ Striped & Simple

creative-wedding-invitations-etsy-striped-pinkStriped Wedding Invitation with Laurels. Etsy Store: MooseberryPaperCo

3 Golden Gatsby

creative-wedding-invitations-etsy-great-gatsbyHandmade Gatsby Wedding Invitations – Gold and Pink Scallop. Etsy Store: YellowDoorCreative

4♥ Art Deco Inspired

creative-wedding-invitations-etsy-art-decoPrintable Art Deco Wedding Invitation Suite. Etsy Store: PrintableWisdom

5♥ Chalkboard Romance

creative-wedding-invitations-etsy-chalkboardChalkboard Wedding Invitation – Custom Typography and Roses. Etsy Store: InvitingMoments

What are your thoughts? Are you into wedding invitations with character or like to have them simple & classic? Of these 5 invitation styles, which one appeals to you the most?

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