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4th-of-July Wedding

Bridesmaids with Flags via Bride & Joy

Let me start by saying how guilty I feel with this post. I mean, Canada (where I went to college, where I met the love of my life, where my husband lives, heck, where I would come back to some day!) day passed and all and I did nothing to celebrate it on this Blog. And here comes 4th of July and I’m all over the Inspiration Boards like the country has given me green card or something, lol! Yeah….I’m on that guilt trip right now and I have figured the way to rectify that. I’d just go ahead and do a Canada Inspiration Board even though I’d be really really really late on that. So keep your eyes on here for the few Canadians and Maple leaf lovers for your board to join the rest of EWAM’s Color Inspiration Boards.

Okay now back to today’s post!

Yay 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July to all of you! Hope everyone is enjoying it to the max. As for me, I am getting ready to call my 2 week Canada vacation a quit; I should be fully back on Monday. So technically there is not really a “celebration” for me since I’m still within the borders of Canada but here is something to add to your celebration! Take it as a July 4th gift from me to you in addition to this $50 Visa Gift Card for that blessed winner.

4th-of-July Wedding
Wedding Wands via Craftup Your Life Etsy Shop | Bride with Flag via Emmaline Bride | Bride with Red, White and Blue Bouquet via After Yes Weddings | Bridesmaids with Flags via Bride & Joy | Pom poms via Paper Source | Table Setting via Hostess with Mostess Blog


4th-of-July Wedding
Cake Pops via Cupcake Post | Balls of Fire via The Thrifty Crafter | Manicure via Daily Something | Bride with Red underlining via RockNRoll Bride | Blue Bouquet via RuffledBlog | Table Setting via United With Love

You like?
Bold enough to pull off a Holiday themed wedding?
Let me know…

Have a fabulous holiday loves…and Gee hearts you!

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  1. Amanda Jayne Events

    Red, white & blue cakepops in the shape of the flag – so much fun! I love it!


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