4 Ways To Style Your Bridesmaids

With wedding style ideas growing, so are those for the Bridesmaids too. When one refers to the styling of a Bridesmaid’s look, it consists of the Dress, the shoes, the Hair and the Make Up. However, for today’s post, I would be focusing on just the dress.

How-to-Style-BridesmaidsBridesmaids Dresses from the WTOO 2014 Spring Collection

I have come up with  4 ways of dressing up your bridesmaids and these focus mainly on Color and Style (Texture, Silhouette, Length, Neckline, Sleeve Style) of the dress. Each bride has to take these into consideration having one major thing in mind- the theme of her wedding and how these looks could help achieve that.

1. Uniform Styling: For a very long time, this has been the standard; where all the Bridesmaids are in exactly the same dress; same color, same style. This styling is great when the bridesmaids have same body types, making them look uniform. Depending on how many Bridesmaids a Bride has, this is usually the easiest route for quick decision making. For brides who still want some sort of difference in each of the bridesmaids, an idea is to let them wear different shoes, jewelry or in some cases the Maid of Honor wears a different color of the same dress – probably one of the other wedding colors.

Bridesmaids-DressesPhoto by Kate Holstein via Elizabeth Anne Designs

2. Same Color, Different Style: We are starting to see more of these, where brides allow each bridesmaids to choose a dress that best fits them but with the restriction of color. This route is usually the better option when the body types of bridesmaids are very different, that way figuring dresses that complement each of them but still keep the same color (and mostly length) for uniformity among bridesmaids and distinction from wedding guests.

Bridesmaids-Dresses-Same-color-different-stylePhoto by Andrea Sproxton via Style Me Pretty

3. Mismatched Styling: Now, this is where the fun begins! Giving your bridesmaids the option of wearing totally different dresses; different shades of one color (or a totally different color as long as it’s goes with the wedding theme) and different styles. Most bridesmaids may prefer this as it gives them more room to make some decisions about their look. However a bride should be careful when making such choices and ensuring that bridesmaids still look stylish and wedding theme/vision is not lost.

Bridesmaids-Dresses-mismatchedPhoto by Jen+Ashley Photography via KnotsVilla

4. Two Piece Styling: Not as common but also a fun look for your bridesmaids. One major reason bridesmaids are sometimes not very excited about dresses is the possibility of not being able to wear it to other occasions after the wedding (especially when it cost hard-earned $$ to get it). A two-piece styling for bridesmaids reduces that risk, as bridesmaids have the choice of mixing the pieces and creating totally different looks for other events after the wedding.

Two piece bridesmaids4Photo by D’Avello Photography

These are the major styling ideas I could think of but many other variations of these exist. So which ever style you choose for your bridesmaids, remember to keep it stylish and considerate for your ladies!

Have a blessed week friends!

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