4 Basic Steps To Choosing A Blog Name

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Of course this post was bound to surface this blog especially when I think of how much of a painful process it took me to come up with the new name of this Blog! Finally I found something that I was happy with but I’d tell you; changing your blog name or doing a whole re branding is not easy, so my advice is think hard before you even start a blog – a wedding blog.

I remember googling “How to Pick a Blog name” quite a lot and guess what? I was not the first to Google it! That obviously gave me comfort in knowing people struggled with things like this and I was not just being dumb. For this post, I am focusing on Wedding blogs as that is what I researched on but I think these tips are flexible with other blog niches too.

Step 1: Decide on the length you want; one word, two words or three words. Try to stay away from any option more than 3 words, the website name may be too long, that was one of my problems with my old name – Everything Weddings & More – which thanks to the idea of my friend, I still was able to keep it by using it as the tag line for this blog.

Step 2: Write down all the words you like relating to your niche and the feel (in most cases this may be an adverb) you would like it to have. They can range from topic-specific words (like “wedding”, “bridal”) to personal or even made up words (Did you know “Google” is not a real word? Someone misspelled a word and here we are.  So it’s okay to make up yours). Topic-specific words may be better with SEO than personal or made up words while the latter may be more memorable and unique. So decide which is more important to you when picking out those words.

Step 3: Now mix and match those words and come up with at least 3 names based on the criteria of Step 1 and 2.

Step 4: Check to see if those 3 are already taken online (domain name and other social media outlets), if not run with any of them as soon as possible before someone else grabs them!

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10 Inspiration for Names from Real Wedding Blogs!

1. Obvious wedding words specific: Words such as “Wedding”, “Bride” and “Bridal” may be the most used.

Bridal Musings
Dress for The Wedding*
Classic Bride

2. Not so Obvious wedding words: Such as “I Do”, “Knot”, “Aisle”, “Union”, “Zilla”

Knots Villa
Aisle Perfect
Wedzilla Blog

3. Geographic: Your blog can be based on your location such as featuring only weddings in a certain location.

Southern Weddings
Bayside Bride
Lowcountry Wedding

4. Race/ethnicity specific: For the blog that focuses on audience/weddings of a particular race or ethnicity.

Bella Naija Weddings
Chic Brown Bride*
Black Bride

5. Your own Name: Well if you like the sound of your name then why not? Plus it is easy and very unforgettable!

Martha Stewart Weddings
Elizabeth Anne Designs
Brenda’s Wedding blog

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6. Something fun, personal or random: Ideas can be adding your favorite color, favorite ice cream flavor, or really just making up your own words or phrases!

Love and Lavender
Hot Pink Brides
You Mean The World To Me*

7. Wedding style specific: Wedding styles vary from rustic to bohemian to modern and more.

Rustic Folk Weddings *
Boho Weddings
My Hotel Wedding*

8. Focusing on Budget or Crafts: Which are 2 very major/common areas Brides think about when planning their weddings.

The Budget Savvy Bride
The Broke-Ass Bride
DIY Bride

9. Inspiration from a wedding item: Pick your favorite wedding item and work around that word.

Green Wedding Shoes
Love My Dress 
100 Layer Cake
Tidewater and Tulle*

10. Forget English, How about a different language?: Keeping your choice of words in mind, you can always opt for those words in a different language for something more unique but still easy to pronounce.

Le Magnifique (French)
ChiefWedsLolo (Ibo- A Nigerian Language)

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Dear new wedding blogger (and the old ones who may be considering changing their names), I hope this helps you to chose a blog name right for you!

PS: All blogs with (*) are some of the members of the Aisle and Tulle Connection I have been making so much noise about 🙂 Read about it and join if you think you’d be a right fit.

Image Credits: Photos from the 2014 Sareh Nouri Collection by Laura Gordon Photography

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10 Responses

  1. ChiefWedsLolo

    I really love your name change. Cute and catchy! Thanks for the mention! Very good tips. It’s funny, this list represents the thought process I went through when picking a name. I was so indecisive. Lol In the end, I decided to go with a wedding name related to my niche of Nigerian brides. And yay, now I have more blogs to follow! *adds blogs to list*

    • Gee | KnotsVilla

      heheheh! thanks girl! This name took me a while and a few people to
      finally birth. I absolutely love yours though..I know I seriously
      considered using a different language, was leaning more to french

  2. LA

    Google is not a “made up name”. It’s a misspelling of the word Googol. “Widespread sounding of the word occurs through its namesake of the world’s most popular internet company Google, with the name “Google” being a misspelling of “googol” by the company’s founders,[2] which was picked to signify that the search engine was intended to provide large quantities of information.” (from wikipedia’s article “googol”). Just an FYI.

    Love the article, though. I’m in a rebranding-renaming pickle at the moment and this was extremely helpful!

    • Cassandra Turcotte

      Thank you! For a second I thought all these year’s I’d been stupid. I knew I’d heard the word “Google” (misspelled or no) referring to something other than the search engine.

    • Gee | KnotsVilla

      Lol LA thank you for going a bit deeper, wrong choice of word, I actually meant it was not a real word. I actually should edit that. All the best with rebranding, I’d love to hear the name you pick 🙂

  3. Craftybegonia M.

    Lovely blog and great ideas. I chose the name of my blog flying blindly, really by the seat of my pants. Now it’s too late because the blog has an identity of its own. If I had to do it again, I would do it differently…

  4. Sara Crisostomo

    Don’t name your blog after a common catch phrase! Mine is ” Livin’ La Vida Loca”. Which is a song title as well, remember Ricky Martin? I chose this title because of my nickname “La Gringa Loca”. Which is also pretty common. Most of the women that use the name blog or vlog in Spanish. I try not to use Spanlish in my blog because it was originally started as a way to keep connected with my family who happens to look down upon my mixed-race family.

    Most of my successful search results come from Google+ sharing of links. Do Not Attempt to edit bad grammar in these social media postings after they begin to appear or it will not show at all anymore. Learned that the hard way.

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    […] Now there is a direction, that would make this step a lot easier; picking your name, finding your platform and them choosing a design. With name picking, keep your niche in mind, get creative and make sure they are available (domain name and on social platforms). See this post I wrote a while  ago about steps to choosing your blog name. […]


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