3 Questions to Ask Before Considering a DIY Wedding

So you have searched all of the world wide web and found super cute projects to DIY for your wedding? Are these gorgeous and perfectly staged photos are having you seriously considering a DIY wedding? Well stop right there, exit Pinterest, hide all the pretty photos you’ve saved, and ask yourself these 3 questions;

1. Why am I really having a DIY Wedding?

As with every decision we make, our reason/motive needs to be outlined before we begin. Putting this in focus plays a huge role in the success or failure of any project. Asking yourself this question would be the cornerstone of how the experience would be; pleasant or highly unpleasant.

There are 2 major reasons we have heard for couples considering DIY weddings: personalization of the wedding and cost reduction. Of course there are other reasons that you may come up with but for now, we’d focus on these.

Personalization of the wedding: This has a lot to do with the satisfaction of being a creator of what would most likely be the most important event of your life. Many brides love to know they were involved in the details of the wedding through projects they took on themselves.

Whether it’s just the bride alone or with family and friends, DIY projects put a degree of personality into weddings that hiring professionals may not be always have. You know the satisfaction you get when you can look at a product and say, “I made that”? Exactly, that’s the feeling many creators love and usually want to experience when it comes to their weddings.

Cost Reduction: This is another very common reason. Though it’s not always 100% accurate, many choose to engage in DIY projects as a means of reducing the cost when compared to hiring professionals. If this is your reason, you need to know the extensive research required to pull this off. You literally have to count your cost in every. single. detail. to ensure a DIY option is truly a more economical solution.

While you are busy counting the actual cost of each item/material needed, you would also need to factor in the energy and time used. Though you might come up with $200 to produce your invitations, it could very well cost even more if you spent hours on end researching the how tos, the energy exerted while doing trials and mock ups, and all other hidden expenses you may have encountered along the way. Then circle back and ask yourself, what is it truly costing me to do this?

At the end of the day, if your reason for a DIY wedding is cost, ensure you are thorough on your estimation of all costs, time and energy involved and then decide if it’s truly a better bargain to do it yourself or hire a professional for that.

Questions to ask before considering a DIY Wedding

2. Do I have enough time?

Except the DIY projects you wish to include in your wedding are projects you are familiar with and have done multiple times in the past (for me, it’s escort/place cards), you would need to consider the time required to create. This not only involves the time used to create the final product but also the number of mock ups and trials you’d need to ensure your project is exactly how you want it to be.

Great DIY projects also require a lot of time in preparation for the actual project. This is the time you spend on reading different tutorials on the internet, curating photos for inspiration, and comparing different styles of the finish product to be able to decide on what works best for you. As someone who just finished planning a shower with a lot of DIY projects, this question is one that rings so true to my personal experience.

3. Would I have extra hands if needed?

Hopefully you are not like me who finds it super hard to delegate and trust others with my DIY projects.

Depending on the scale of your DIY wedding, you’d need to ask yourself this question and be sure you get a favorable answer before you proceed. A full DIY wedding would not only need ample amount of time but energy.

If you are a bride with bridesmaids, family and friends who want to be involved, this would be the best time to delegate. Share the projects with those who have expressed an interest in being part of your projects. Remember to delegate wisely: don’t task a Bridesmaid who is not a DIY/craft person with a full project. This may not only be overwhelming for such a bridesmaid but also may result in a job poorly done.

Think of the strengths of your bridesmaids, family and friends and use that to your advantage when deciding who would help and in what areas.

You can also have DIY days spread across your engagement period. Make these a fun yet productive days with your bridesmaids where everyone meets up to work on the projects together. Not only does this create a closer rapport with your bridesmaids by having everyone involved, you get to oversee/manage things better since you are present in these meetings.

Now you have asked yourself these questions, go back and think, “Am I really up for a DIY wedding”?

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